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RaiseUP is a brand new curriculum platform. Created to resource youth and children’s ministry with multimedia content and curriculum. Designed to draw young minds, and inspire young hearts.

An abundance of bible based resources from our trusted kids's and youth ministry partners

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What's included in RaiseUp?

Amazing Multimedia

With an ever growing collection of worship videos, talks, bible stories and animations, RaiseUP is an engaging resource to inspire children and young people.

Huge Content Library

Search our library of bible based series and lessons by age or verse to find the right ideas from our UK and US curriculums.

Easy Lesson Planning

Make planning easier by taking our ready-to-use curriculum lessons or adapting them. Combine our individual ideas with you own inspiration to resource your kids' ministry sessions.

Presentation Perfected

Try our easy-to-use presenter mode to display your sessions. It orders slides and automaticaly presents RaiseUP's fantastic digital content. Present online or download your presentation.

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Free Resources

Free resources to help you in children's and youth ministry. We have colouring pages, articles with practical ideas and tips and ideas for your ministry sessions. Search by theme and age to find useful resources for your groups.

Draw Them In

When planning a Kids’ or Youth Ministry session, there are a number of factors to get right. Here are our 6 Key Ingredients To Successful Sessions.

8 Little Worship Company Coloring Sheets

Download these FREE bible coloring pages for your kids ministry today. Children will love bring these delightful illustrations to life

Being Not Doing: The Church, Young People, and Mental Health

Want to get better at helping the young people in your church deal with issue around mental health? Download this FREE resource!

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Draw them in don't hem them in

Australian cattle ranchers learned a long time ago the best way to keep their cattle contained in the vast outback.

Instead of building fences to hold them they simply put a well at the centre. The cattle always return to the water that sustains, and satisfies.

So it is with out young people. Where old models of teaching aim to hem them in with metaphorical fences, we believe that Jesus is already working to draw them in - we just need to play out part.

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Jesus said

Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

Matthew 19:14

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Read informative, relevant articles with advice, tips and opinions from those working in children's and youth ministry contexts.

Encouraging Encounter with God Through Children’s Ministry

Ever heard an adult say to a child, 'You’re too young to really follow Jesus – wait till you’re older'? Or perhaps you heard something similar growing up? NEWSFLASH: Children CAN encounter God! We wholeheartedly believe this.

Communicating with God's littlest children: Sharing God's big story with our churches children's groups

Sharing a message can be a bit nerve-racking at the best of times. But sharing it to a roomful of four-year-olds? That’s in a whole other league!

Leader's Devotional #6: Loving God

A short adult devotional to help you and your team get ready to lead.

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