Friends and Heroes

Ages 7-11; 51 lessons over 12 series

Friends and Heroes

Friends and Heroes uses creative storytelling and high-quality animation to teach, entertain, and inspire children through exciting adventures and life-changing Bible stories.

Follow the adventures of Macky and friends in 1st century Rome to teach important lessons about courage, faith, hope and much more. Bible stories are woven into the action-packed animations kids will love.

Friends and Heroes is best enjoyed sequentially so kids can fully engage with the characters. Each animated adventure story comes in two parts and is shown over 2 lessons – kids will be so excited for the next instalment each lesson!

What are the lessons like?

Friends and Heroes lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Prepare – notes and ideas to help you prepare for the lesson

  • Starting Off - Gather together to watch today's episode and explore the Bible story with activity time.

  • In Deeper - Dig deeper into the Bible story and help the children make personal connections through activities and discussions.

  • Prayer Time - Finish the lesson with a time of prayer and connect with families as they collect their children.

Content example: This video introduces the character Macky and his friends.


Dive into Friends and Heroes where you’ll find 51 lessons over 12 series. Designed to run sequentially from lesson 1 to lesson 51, we have carefully grouped them into 4-, 5- and 6-part series by theme.


1.1 Journeys and Friends: When we listen and are faithful to him, God gives us courage and strength in extraordinary circumstances. This series, journey with Macky and friends to learn lessons in trust, pride, forgiveness and honesty, all backed by Biblical truths.

1.2 Hope and Monsters: We all need God’s help and God wants us to help others. This series, as Macky’s adventures continue, kids will explore Old and New Testament stories to learn lessons in overcoming adversity, caring for others and remaining hopeful.

1.3 Heroes and Freedom: God’s path is always the right path, but it’s not always the easiest. This series, join Macky and friends as they face refugee rebels and rescue some slaves, and learn Biblical lessons in wisdom and justice along the way.

1.4 Loss and Lost: God wants us to live well together. This series explores the values of true friendship, acceptance and doing the right thing. As Macky and friends experience trickery and theft, children will learn how the Bible teaches a better way.

1.5 Giving and Playing: As we follow Jesus, we become more like him. Through adventures with Macky and exploring the Bible, this series children will learn the Christ-like qualities of forgiveness, generosity and courage to stand up for their beliefs.

1.6 Leaving and Loving: Jesus sent his Spirit to help us navigate life’s changes, guide our choices and empower us to do God’s work. In this 6-part series, Macky’s adventures conclude with an important decision, as children discover the inspirational, transformational power of God.


2.1 Together and Apart: God wants us to trust him, and to help us do that, he sent his son, Jesus. This series, Macky journeys on to Jerusalem where he learns the importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people. Children will be encouraged to overcome obstacles and develop their trust.

2.2 Rams and Rescue: Our God is just and fair and, because he loves us so much, he sent Jesus to save us, even when we didn’t deserve it. This series, as Macky’s adventures continue, children will explore the concepts of justice, grace, humility and steadfastness.

2.3 Willing and Unwilling: God loves us and provides for us. This series, kids will join Macky on a rescue mission and learn about Moses, David and Paul to explore themes of protection, provision and mercy.

2.4 Comfort and Provision: With God behind us, we have the best helper there is. This series equips children to understand the concept of sacrifice, to discover that Jesus still heals today and to learn the importance of listening to God, who always provides for us.

2.5 Care and Miracles: Jesus' many miracles show us God's infinite generosity. This series, Macky’s adventures and the Bible stories will teach children the importance of helping each other, and trusting in God.

2.6 Trials and Hope: God can give us courage to speak out against injustice and share our faith. In this 5-part series, which includes a whole-episode special lesson, children will learn from Solomon’s wisdom, Paul’s courage, and Noah’s trust as Macky’s adventures conclude.

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