60 Sec Bible Trek

Ages 6-10; 22 lessons over 6 series plus bonus content


This fab, fun curriculum takes you on a journey through the Bible using the fantastic 60 Second Bible Story videos from Taylormation.

Join Tom & Maddie as they retell Bible stories in only 60 seconds - from the story of creation in Genesis to Old Testament characters and then through to stories in Jesus' life and ministry. Each lesson is based around a different Bible character’s story and invites children to explore what each person discovered about God as they walked with Him.

Whether you use the complete lesson plans, perfect for churches, or select a video to add to your outreach, the 60 Second Bible Stories will help children to grasp the stories that are gathered up in God's big story of rescue and redemption.

What are the lessons like?

60 Sec Bible Trek lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Trek Prep – allows you as a leader to look ahead and prepare for where your trek will take you.

  • Base Camp – where the trek begins, and children get a sense of where their journey will take them using a simple illustration or game.

  • Trail – explore the Bible story by watching the video, check the children’s understanding with a high-energy quiz, then chat about what they’ve learned about God on today’s journey with Him.

  • Summit – includes a creative activity or game to draw out the lesson’s key learning point, followed by an ‘encounter’ moment with their Heavenly Father who loves them.

Content example: The story of creation in only 60 seconds!


There are six 60 Sec Bible Trek series on the RaiseUpFaith platform, containing between 3 and 5 lessons each.

Beginnings: Old Testament stories. This series looks at three 'Beginnings' stories in the Bible – Creation; Adam & Eve and The Fall; and Noah’s Ark.

Rescue: Old Testament stories. This series looks at three 'Rescue' stories in the Bible – Joseph; Moses; and Joshua.

People: Old Testament stories. This series explores four people who encountered God in powerful ways – Samson; David; Daniel; and Jonah.

Jesus: New Testament stories. Explore some stories of Jesus found in the gospels, discovering more about who he is and the central place he has in God's big story – Birth of Jesus; Baptism of Jesus; and Fishers of People.

Signs: New Testament stories. Hear stories from Jesus’ ministry and explore what they tell us about who he is and his place in God’s big story – Feeding the 5000; Walking on Water; and The Transfiguration.

Easter: Explore the events of Holy Week, discovering what they show us about Jesus and his part in God's big salvation story. There is also a special one-off lesson that takes children on an epic trek through all the events of Holy Week – The Triumphal Entry; The Last Supper; The Crucifixion; and The Resurrection.


60 Sec Bible Trek Bible story videos are perfect for All Age Gatherings or outreach opportunities, so we’ve put them all in one place for you!

Episodes: 17 stories from the Old and New Testament – take your pick!

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