God Rocks!

Ages 5-9; 22 lessons over 4 series plus bonus content

Wonderborn Studios

RaiseUpFaith is the home of God Rocks! This curriculum is packed with music, dance, cartoons, activities, and so much more. Elementary kids will love it!

God Rocks! is an award-winning kids animation series starring Chip, Gem, Splint and Carb. Well known in the 1990s for their live band tours, performing to over half a million children across North America, the much-loved brand has made a come-back with new 4K digital animation and a brand new series of church curriculum.

The God Rocks! Bible curriculum is designed to help kids aged 5–9 encounter God and discover more about what it means to live for Him. Through engaging animations and energetic scripture songs, as well as games, Bible teaching and creative activities, children will learn important biblical lessons to develop their confidence and character in God.

What are the lessons like?

God Rocks! lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Ready to Rock – welcome kids with free play, a countdown and fun warm up activities, Gem-nastics and Chip’s Challenge.

  • God Rocks! Worship – take time to sing praise and worship songs then finish with the God Rocks! prayer.

  • Firm Foundations – bring the Bible to life using original God Rocks! videos.

  • Spikin’ Small Groups – an opportunity to discuss Scripture and any questions the kids might have in a safe space.

  • Rock Solid – respond to the teaching content through a variety of different activities, including craft and creative prayer.

  • Rock Out – reflect on the lesson, review learning and set the week’s take-home challenge.

Content example: This video explores a parable of Jesus, told by the God Rocks! in their own, unique way.


There are 4 God Rocks! series on the RaiseUpFaith platform.

Mission Awesome (6 lessons): The message of God's awesome love is GOOD NEWS, and Jesus invites us to take it to the world! In this series, the God Rocks! welcome us to Mission HQ for some super-spikin' special agent training as we prepare to embark on the greatest mission the world has ever seen!

Island Adventure (6 lessons): God’s love is the greatest treasure in the world – and it’s ours to discover! In this series, the God Rocks! lead us on an expedition around Grace Island, teaching us about our identity as children of God and what it means to live in the fullness of God’s amazing love.

Kornerstone Kingdom (6 lessons): A place where JESUS RULES and GOD ROCKS! In this series, we join the God Rocks to train to become knights of Kornerstone. We learn to ‘grow in the grace... of Jesus' (2 Pet 3:18) and discover our part in bringing his kingdom to the world around us!

Prayer Power (4 lessons): The Lord’s Prayer is a powerful prayer - one with the potential to change us and change the world! In this series, the God Rocks help us explore this powerful prayer and discover what it tells us about God, and what it means to us when we pray it.


The God Rocks! curriculum is so good we know you’ll love to use it outside of lesson time too. That’s why we’ve curated 3 bonus series so you can easily find the Scripture Songs, Dance Craze videos or God Rocks! Episodes, perfect for All Age Gatherings or outreach opportunities.

God Rocks! Music: The God Rocks! series is built with music at its core. In God Rocks! Scripture Songs, you'll find a selection of animated BibleToons: fun songs performed by the God Rocks! and their musical friends Flint Rockley, the Soul Stones, the Beat Rocks and the Beach Stones.

God Rocks! Dance Craze: An innovative new series designed to get kids learning key Scriptures by heart. Join Ruby, Topaz, Opal and Sapphire as they teach you to move, groove and sing along to God's word!

God Rocks! Episodes: Discover fantastic animations from the God Rocks! In the Parable Playhouse series, Chip, Gem, Splinter and Carb open up the stories of Jesus in their own unique way; while the BibleToons series shows the God Rocks! and their friends learning key discipleship lessons, and Rez, the Rock that Rolled tells the story of the first Easter.

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