Cheeky Pandas

Ages 4-8; 41 lessons over 4 series plus bonus content

Cheeky Pandas

Exclusively on, discover a treasure trove of treehouse-based Cheeky Pandas resources to help children and families grow in their faith.

Cheeky Pandas lessons include a fun animation, an interview about the theme, and a fabulous Cheeky Pandas song you just have to sing and dance to! There are also games, crafts and a Take Home sheet to help families discover more together at home.

Series One covers big themes about life with God like prayer, praise, sorry and help, while Series Two explores the Fruit of the Spirit. Our third series, Cheeky Pandas and the Jesus Storybook Bible, is based on Bible stories taken from the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. It looks at who God is and His deep love for us, pointing to Jesus being God's big rescue plan for the world in every story.

All the series are designed to be used in a church setting, either as a whole series or a one-off lesson.

If you're taking Cheeky Pandas into a school setting, don't miss our Collective Worship series which includes storytelling, games and times of reflection, specially written with a school context in mind. We have fun, engaging Collective Worship sessions based on the Fruit of the Spirit and the Jesus Storybook Bible lessons.

Every Cheeky Pandas lesson is specially designed to help further engage children in the key theme for each lesson, helping children to dig deep into Jesus' perspective on humankind and the Kingdom of God.

And we've got BONUS CONTENT too! Activity Packs to complement all the Fruit of the Spirit lessons. It's a world of fun!


What are the lessons like?

Cheeky Pandas lessons comprise the following sections:

  • On the Red Carpet – start the lesson with free play, then welcome kids with the a countdown using the Cheeky Pandas theme song.

  • The Cheeky Pandas Present… - gather together to watch today's episode and explore the theme with activity and discussion time.

  • The After Party – kids get crafty with a Panda Make, then sing or dance along to a Cheeky Pandas song.

  • It’s a Wrap - finish the lesson with a time of prayer, then give everyone a Take Home sheet as you connect with families.

Content example: This catchy Cheeky Pandas tune will have everyone singing along.


Series 1

Explore the Christian faith using fun animated stories from the Pandas’ Treehouse Studio, interviews with celebrity guests and songs to dance along to in ‘Dance with Herbie.’ This series has 11 lessons:

  1. The Lost Guitar Pick: Based around the Parable of the Lost Sheep, the theme of the lesson is ‘Jesus.' This lesson explores the truth that we are all like sheep and sometimes get lost and go our own way, but Jesus goes to great lengths to find us and bring us home, because he loves us. With special guest The Most Reverend Justin Welby.

  2. The Duck Award: Based around Paul and Silas praising God in Acts 16:24-34, the theme of the lesson is ‘praise.' This lesson teaches us that God is amazing and as we praise him, we can show him that we love him. With special guest Guvna B.

  3. The Birthday Gift: Based around James 1:17, the theme of the lesson is ‘thanks.' The passage in James teaches us that all good gifts come from God, and there is always a reason to give thanks to Him. With special guest Gemma Hunt.

  4. The Missing Pizza: Based around Luke 7:36-50, the theme of the lesson is ‘sorry.' There are two stories in this passage: firstly, the sweet offering of perfume by the sinful woman, and then the opportunity Jesus takes to teach a pharisee about the value of repentance through the story of the two men paying their debts. Both stories offer us true examples of sincere repentance and the generous forgiveness Jesus offers. With special guests Pastor Agu and Pastor Sola Irukwu.

  5. The Broken Song Machine: Looking at Galatians 5:22-24 and 2 Corinthians 4:7, the theme of the lesson is ‘offer.' Specifically, we look at how we can grow in the Fruit of the Spirit and offer these gifts to God and others. With special guest Rob Parsons.

  6. The After Show Party: The Bible story is about the persistent widow in Luke 18:1-4 and the theme of the lesson is ‘praying.' This lesson teaches us the importance of prayer, and how we should prioritise daily times speaking and listening to God. With special guest Bear Grylls.

  7. The Spider Madness!: Using Ephesians 6:10-18, the theme of the lesson is ‘help.' We learn that with God’s help we have nothing to fear; the Armour of God is the protection He offers us against the enemy. With special guest Nicky Gumbel.

  8. The Wrong Box: Exploring Jesus’ parable in Matthew 13:44-46 about the man who found buried treasure in a field, the theme of the lesson is ‘adore.' Jesus used this parable to teach us about His Kingdom. Finding and knowing God is the best treasure we can ever discover, and we can show our adoration of him just like the man did in the story. With special guest Dr Eli Gardner.

  9. The Lost Coin: Based on the parable of the same name from Luke 15, the theme of this lesson is ‘celebrate.' Discover how much God loves us, and when we respond to his love it is cause for enormous heavenly celebrations! With special guest Radzi Chinyanganya.

  10. The Silent Disco: Looking at Psalm 46:10 ‘Be still and know that I am God’, the theme of the lesson is ‘silence.' There is something profound about stopping in our busy world, and slowing ourselves down enough that we listen to what God wants to say to us and to hear his voice. With special guests Steve & Charlotte Gambill.

  11. The Power Cut: This lesson is all about Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2:1-4. God didn’t leave after Jesus had ascended, rather he gifted the disciples, and now us, with the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. With special guests Pete & Sammy Greig.

Series 2

Learn about the different Fruit of the Spirit as the Pandas have more adventures. Nine lessons packed full of fun and games help children explore key values:

  1. The Day Off: A Story About Love: This lesson teaches about God’s commandment to love one another and that love is patient, love is kind. Kids will discover that because God first loved us, we can show love to other people.

  2. The Drum Machine: A Story About Joy: Kids will learn that we need to ask God for joy, which is a deep-down feeling of contentment and happiness despite our circumstances. Our joy can bubble over and make others feel joyful!

  3. The Storm: A Story About Peacefulness: God can help us to find a sense of peace and calm in knowing that Jesus is with us. Kids will discover that Jesus demonstrated peacefulness and power when everyone else was scared.

  4. The Online Gig: A Story About Patience: When we ask God for patience, we can develop a heavenly perspective in all circumstances. Kids will also learn that the Holy Spirit can help us to be patient when trouble comes.

  5. The Lost Voice: A Story About Kindness: When the Holy Spirit lives in us we should overflow with kindness, which comes from us experiencing the kindness of God for ourselves.

  6. The Custard Monster: A Story About Goodness: Jesus demonstrated how to be truly good, and God can help us to be good, always seeing the best in others and putting others first.

  7. The Bouncy Castle: A Story About Faithfulness: God has been faithful to his people for generation after generation, and as we are filled with faith by the Holy Spirit in us, we can reflect the character of God.

  8. The Beach: A Story About Gentleness: Jesus demonstrated gentleness with people around Him who needed His help and God can help us to be gentle with our actions and our words.

  9. The Moon Gig: A Story About Self-Control: Kids will learn the God can help us to have self-control and what that means as they discover that Jesus demonstrated self-control when he was in the wilderness.

Cheeky Pandas and the Jesus Storybook Bible

The Pandas have fun discovering faith together and well-known faces narrate captivating stories from the award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones. Six lessons exploring God's great love for His children and His big rescue plan for the world - Jesus.

  1. Jesus, A Friend of Little Children: God's love is a free gift for everyone. Children learn how Jesus welcomed the little children and are challenged to think about how that free gift is for them too! Story narrated by The Most Reverend Justin Welby.

  2. Filled Full: God can do anything. We learn about how Jesus fed 5000 people with the contents of a small lunchbox. This lesson challenges the children to think about how they can give what they can to help other people and how God can do anything with the smallest thing we bring. Story narrated by Mary Berry.

  3. The Young Hero and the Horrible Giant: God always wins His battles. As they learn about how God helped David defeat Goliath, children will be challenged to think about how even though they are young they can be brave because God is with them and He always wins His battles. Story narrated by Bear Grylls.

  4. The Captain of the Storm: God is always in control. Children learn about how Jesus calmed the storm and are challenged to think about how they can ask for help when they need it, to offer help to others, and that above all, God is in control. Story narrated by Gemma Hunt.

  5. Daniel and the Scary Sleepover: God rescues. As they learn about how Daniel was thrown into the lions' den but was safe, children are challenged to think about how they can choose to do the right thing even though it might be difficult because God is with them. Story narrated by Gemma Hunt.

  6. The Servant King: God's big rescue plan is Jesus. Children learn about how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet at the last supper and are challenged to think about how they show love to each other with real kindness and humility, and to follow Jesus, the servant king. Story narrated by Joanna Adeyinka-Buford.

Collective Worship

It’s so exciting to bring Cheeky Pandas into school assemblies and each lesson incorporates interactive elements, games and videos as well as a time of reflection and prayer appropriate to the school environment. There are Collective Worship sessions to accompany The Fruit of the Spirit and The Jesus Storybook Bible series.


To complement the Cheeky Pandas: The Fruit of the Spirit series, we've carefully crafted 9 activity packs, each containing:

  • The lesson memory verse

  • Questions to think about

  • Colouring and puzzles

  • A food craft

  • A creative make

Use them as a midweek activity or within the lesson itself for extra panda-monium!

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