Ages 11-18; 19 lessons over 3 series


Based on the foundations of LZ7’s Access All Areas and the Illuminate and I’m Possible courses, these series encourage young adults to root themselves in faith as they discover how God wants to impact their lives today.

LZ7 is an EDM group from Manchester, UK. They write relevant and honest music with a deeper perspective of what they are all about and what they stand for.


The ImPossible+ series opens up some of the key mental health issues for young people aged 11+. Using the Psalms as a starting point to explore big topics, the series contains practical advice from qualified counsellors, as well as Biblical promises to stand firm upon.

Drawing on real-life experiences from engaging guests, this series focuses on six topics around mental health:

  1. Self-esteem

  2. Anxiety

  3. Anger

  4. Low Mood

  5. Grief and Loss

  6. Stress and Self-care

ImPossible+ explores all these issues in a way that is accessible to young people, encouraging them to lean into biblical wisdom and take their troubles to God.

Here's one of the guests, counsellor Lily-Jo from mental health resource thelilyjoproject.com, with some tips on how best to approach the topic of mental health with young people.

What are the lessons like?

Each lesson includes:

  • A video to introduce the topic

  • An illustration or game to engage kids with the topic

  • A short talk video

  • An engaging Bible study

  • A chat with a guest

  • A response activity

  • A prayer activity

  • A prayer video

Content example: In this video, Lindz chats with Destiny from the band Saintz about her issues with self-esteem.


The Illuminate+ series are about how God's light, His presence, makes a difference in the lives of humans so that we can be the 'Light of the World'. They present some incredible Bible stories about the encounters ordinary people had with God the Father and the person of Jesus, and the transforming effect of these encounters.

There are two LZ7 Illuminate+ series which each have six sessions:

  • God Encounters

  • Jesus Encounters

Content example: Here's LZ7 front man, Lindz West, introducing Lesson 1 in his own words.

What are the lessons like?

Each lesson includes:

  • A lesson opener to introduce the theme of the lesson (video introduction)

  • One of LZ7's music videos

  • A game

  • A talk video

  • A chat with members of LZ7

  • Explore: Looking at the Bible and the talk in your own youth group

  • Do: A practical way to apply the learning

  • A closing prayer from LZ7

ImPossible+ and Illuminate+ have been written for 11-18 year olds to encourage discussion and take young people deeper with Jesus, bringing the Bible to life and addressing issues that resonate with their generation.

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