Little Worship Company

Ages 0-6; 60 lessons over 6 series, plus bonus content

Wonderborn Studios
Lessons from 10 to 90 minutes

Beautiful multimedia curriculums, packed with Bible stories, crafts, games, music, prayers, and so much more! Perfect for pre-school through 6yrs.

Little Worship Company Lesson plans are based around a core Little Big Idea (learning aim) and can be used flexibly within a range of discipleship and outreach contexts. Each lesson has beautifully filmed worship videos, prayer videos and a craft video. Little Worship Times contains short, interactive reflections for use within all age worship slots at church, or choose the longer All Age Worship plans written to accompany the curriculums.

What are the lessons like?

The Little Worship Company lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Welcome - includes an ice-breaker game to use with older children.

  • Teaching - introduces the core learning for the lesson with the Little Big Question and illustrates it with the Little Big Idea.

  • Worship  - engaging worship and prayer videos.

  • Group Time - allows children to respond to or further explore the key teaching concepts through creative prayer, small group discussion or practical action.

  • Craft - contains three suggested Get Crafty activities, one of which is presented as a video element.

Content example: This Bible verse video from Little Worship Company features words inspired by Psalm 139:13-14.


The Little Worship Company comprises four distinct curriculums: Amazing Me, Beautiful World, Praise Party and Wonderful Day.

Each curriculum includes eight flexible lesson outlines and additional worksheets and resources. These curriculums help young children to explore the building blocks of the Christian faith: who God is, who they are, and the dynamic relationship that God invites them into with Him.

AMAZING ME: We are all God’s children, made and loved by our Heavenly Father. In Amazing Me children will explore how special they are, discovering not only the amazing people they were made to be, but the even more amazing God who invites them to be His friends.

WONDERFUL DAY: The Bible is full of God’s good promises to us. Wonderful Day helps children to explore what these mean for them today, from the moment they wake up until they go to bed, and what it means for them to love and live for God each day in turn.

PRAISE PARTY: Everyone loves a party and the best ones of all are praise parties! Praise Party helps children to understand what it means to praise and worship God, not only with singing, dancing and instruments, but with their hearts, feet and hands too.

BEAUTIFUL WORLD: Our world is amazing! Beautiful World takes children on a journey through the creation story, inspiring wonder in the incredible world they live in and helping them to see the God who made, knows and loves it, and who made, knows and loves them too.

Little Worship Company Series 1


Looking for something to use in All Age Worship? Little Worship Company has that too!

ALL AGE WORSHIP is a series of four All Age Worship plans written to accompany the curriculums. They can be used individually, to tie in with each curriculum, or together as a series. The lessons include beautiful, relatable Bible verse, worship and prayer videos, plus Bible readings, a message and even colouring pages to engage the tiny ones.

LITTLE WORSHIP TIMES are 10-minute lessons designed especially for use in the all age slot in Sunday worship. Each lesson contains an illustration idea, a Little Worship Company video, simple message and closing prayer.


There's so much fabulous Little Worship Company content, we've created collections just for you, so you always know where to find it.

MUSIC: This lovely collection of music videos features a selection of well-known praise and worship songs, as well as a host of fun singalongs.

LITTLE COLOURING SHEETS: All the delightful Bible verse colouring sheets from the Little Worship Company curriculum series.

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