One Story Jr. High

Ages 11-14; 4-year scope and sequence, plus bonus content

Jesus Collective

God has big plans for Jr. High students and not just ‘when they grow up’. One Story Jr. High equips them with the very best understanding and experience of Jesus.

Using real-life stories to demonstrate Biblical truths, youth are invited to think, engage and experience Bible stories at a deeper and more mature level, building on the familiarity developed in the Kids curriculum.

Young people aged 11-14 are in the middle of some awkward transitions and are often underestimated in our culture, but One Story seeks to make them feel connected, cared for and well-equipped. Students are encouraged to take initiative in their walk with Jesus.

One Story Jr. High has a 3-year scope and sequence with lessons for weekend and midweek groups.

What are the lessons like?

One Story Jr. High lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Leader’s Overview – To provide the God Story, Key Verses and Leader Tips for the lesson.

  • My Story – This part of the lesson includes a Conversation Starter and an Intro Activity. This will make everyone feel welcome and introduce the lesson’s key learning objective, the ‘Big Idea’.

  • God Story | Life Story – This part of the lesson is a weekly video which looks at the lesson’s Big Idea. The video is in the following segments: God Story: Bible teaching which illustrates the lesson’s Big Idea; Life Story: A real-life, relevant story to illustrate how the Big Idea applies to people’s lives.

  • My Story | Our Story – This section contains an application activity and a wrap-up activity to finish the lesson, giving students the opportunity to process, engage with, and discuss the Big Idea and biblical themes introduced in the lesson.

Each lesson contains take home cards so students can continue to process the learning at home, and each series comes with social media graphics to download and share.

Content example: This Bible story video looks at the Big Idea that God spoke and created everything!

There are 96 One Story Jr. High series on the RaiseUpFaith platform so, to help you navigate this wealth of content, here’s our 4-year scope and sequence:


COLOURING PAGES: Some students need to doodle to pay attention, so we’ve curated some ‘grown up’ colouring pages for you to print and use whenever it is helpful to you.

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