One Story Kids

Ages 6-10; 4-year scope and sequence, plus bonus content

Jesus Collective

One Story Kids aims to help you develop life-long followers of Jesus by teaching kids how each story connects to God’s big story, and ultimately points to Jesus.

Using real-life stories to demonstrate Biblical truths, One Story Kids builds on the foundations laid in the Early Years curriculum to help kids aged 6-10 see how they fit into God’s overarching story.

Children focus on different stories but, wherever they are in the biblical narrative, there is always a focus on Jesus as the central character. This helps kids see the connection between each story and Jesus.

One Story Kids has a 3-year scope and sequence with lessons for weekend and midweek groups. The weekend lessons are broken down into Grades 1-2 (age 6-7) and Grades 3-5 (age 8-10). If you have a mixed age elementary group, take a look at all the lessons and pick which activities work best for your kids.

What are the lessons like?

One Story Kids lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Leader’s Overview – To provide the God Story, Key Verses and Leader Tips for the lesson.

  • My Story – This part of the lesson includes a Conversation Starter and an Intro Activity. This will make everyone feel welcome and introduce the lesson’s key learning objective, the ‘Big Idea’.

  • God Story | Life Story – This part of the lesson is a weekly video which looks at the lesson’s Big Idea. The video is in the following segments: God Story: Bible teaching which illustrates the lesson’s Big Idea; Key Verse: A quick, fun game to help kids remember the key Bible verse for the series; Life Story: A real-life, relevant story to illustrate how the Big Idea applies to people’s lives.

  • My Story | Our Story – This section contains a small group activity and a wrap-up activity to finish the lesson, giving kids the opportunity to process, engage with, and discuss the Big Idea and biblical themes introduced in the lesson.

Each lesson contains take home cards and colouring sheets so families can continue the conversation and learning at home, and each series comes with social media graphics to download and share.

Content example: This quick video gives an opportunity to remember the Key Verse from the Creation series, Romans 1:20

There are 96 One Story Kids series on the RaiseUpFaith platform so, to help you navigate this wealth of content, here’s our 4-year scope and sequence:


COLOURING PAGES: We know kids love colouring pages! So if you need more, there's a cache of 16 printable resources all together in one bonus lesson.

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