Campfire VBS

Ages 5-11; 5 day VBS (Holiday Club)

One Story

Campfire VBS will take kids on a hike through a classic camp experience as they map out the truth that Jesus is the light of the world.

From the makers of the One Story curriculum, and exclusively on RaiseUpFaith, Campfire is a Jesus-centered, joy-filled, media rich 5 day VBS experience that your kids will love.

Why Campfire?

All of the best things happen around a Campfire! Light, warmth. Friends, family. Stories, laughter. S'mores and more! There's something about that glow, that invitation to linger that stirs up some amazing memories and ideas.

Someone who knows a thing or two about getting a good campfire chat going is awesome adventurer Bear Grylls. Here he is introducing Campfire!

Getting Set - starting the Campfire!

Every good campfire starts with just one match being struck. As you read on you'll learn how to set up your very own Campfire, so that your kids can take the light and pass it on.

Kids will love Campfire VBS

From the games, crafts, snacks, Bible stories, songs and campfire chats to the everyday moments with their camp counsellors and fellow campers. This invitational VBS will help kids discover that they can be light-bringers in their families, communities and beyond!

Strike A Match

Every good campfire has a great singalong, and this one is no different - Campfire comes with its very own theme song for you to sing together every day. Careful though, this one will stick in your head for months to come. Here's a sneaky peak.

Foundational Verse

We take our inspiration for Campfire straight from the book of Hebrews - the idea that our young people will take the light that lives in them, and pass it on to help each other do good works, and light up the world with the love of Jesus.

Scope and Sequence

Campfire is a five day VBS. Every day has a Big Idea that is supported by a key Bible passage.


Big Idea: Jesus is speaking to us.

Scripture: Philip and the man from Ethiopia | Acts 8:26-40


Big Idea: Jesus loves everyone. Absolutely everyone.

Scripture: Paul Meets Jesus | Acts 9:1-31


Big Idea: Jesus is the light of the world.

Scripture: Paul and Silas in jail | Acts 16:16-40


Big Idea: Jesus is our safe place.

Scripture: Paul's Wild Voyage | Acts 27


Big Idea: Jesus is unstoppable.

Scripture: Paul arrives in Rome and shares about the Kingdom | Acts 28:1-16; 30-31

Content flow

Every day on Campfire follows the same flow, and includes a multitude of video elements. Here are some examples of the kinds of content you'll get to use!

Campfire Chat: Does Jesus Love Bullies?

Game Time Key Verse

So, what are you waiting for? Strike a match, fan the flame, and dig into Campfire on RaiseUpFaith now.

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