Leader's Guide to Planning

Practical resources to inspire and equip you to raise up faith in your ministry and in your leadership over the year ahead, one week at a time.


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Hey Children’s Ministry Leader! Can you believe it’s time to start planning another year of ministry already?! We are so delighted to be on this journey with you!

Fill in your details and get practical resources to inspire and equip you to raise up faith in your ministry, and in your leadership.

Whether you are using our 52 Week Scope and Sequence (grab your copy HERE if you don’t have it yet!), or one of our other curriculums, we created these resources to come alongside you as you plan and prepare for the upcoming ministry year. You will find links to thoughtful posts to help you process, as well as printable visuals for your workspace. Set your own pace, use what works for you, and let it go if it doesn’t bring you joy!

What's inside:

  • THE JAR - a practical exercise to help you find and maintain balance.

  • THE PIE - a visual exercise to help you create healthy margins.

  • QUARTERLY CALENDARS - print them out, fill them in and decorate your workspace!

  • 1-PAGE PLAN OUTLINES - our 52 Week Plans for Elementary and Preschool at a glance.

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