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Experience the wonder of the season with this FREE Advent Calendar to download and share with the families you love.


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FREE Download Advent Calendar

Pray together through Hope, Peace, Love and Joy each weekday, prompted by a moment of 'Wonder'. Saturdays are all about family fun, so you'll find an activity everyone will love, while Sundays are an opportunity to cozy up and enjoy some thoughtful Sabbath rest.

Fill in your details and get a FREE ADVENT CALENDAR in PDF format.

How to use

  1. Print out the Advent Calendar, double-sided, on white 8.5" x 11" cardstock.

  2. Cut out the cards.

  3. Hang the cards on a string with mini clothespins, use a bulletin board, or use decorative tape to put them up on the wall; whatever brings you joy!

  4. Grab a simple gift bag or cloth bag to contain all the elements for the month (you'll find a supply list at the end). It will be fun for the kids to reach in and look for the supplies for each activity!

It is our delight to share this with you, and we pray it brings you, and the families you love and serve, great joy as you anticipate the Christmas season, and the birth of Jesus!

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