The Parables

Ages 7-11; 12 lessons over 2 series plus bonus content


The Parables is a multi-award winning animated series from Taylormation which retells the parables of Jesus in a super-fun and quirky way.

Join characters, Brian, Phil and Vincent, as they set up businesses, go to parties, hunt for treasure and eat a lot of cookies!

As they enjoy these light-hearted animations, groups will dig deeper into the Bible to look at the messages from the parables and what they can tell us about Jesus’ perspective on humankind and the Kingdom of God.

The lesson plans are perfect for lots of fun in your kids’ ministry, or use the episodes to add some giggles to your outreach.

What are the lessons like?

The Parables lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Welcome – start the lesson with welcome and worship, then play a fun ice-breaker game.

  • Teaching – after you watch today’s episode, break into small groups to explore the Bible story.

  • Activities – The Big Picture is a large-scale creative activity using contributions from all the children; The Craft is an individual craft activity for children to make and take home as a reminder of what they’ve learned; the Prayer Activity is an opportunity to reflect on the learning together.

Content example: This animation is a retelling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan from Luke 10:25-37.


There are two series of The Parables on the RaiseUpFaith platform, each containing 6 lessons.

Series 1

  1. Brian’s Big Adventure retells The Prodigal Son and focusses on God’s faithful love for each of us.

  2. Sir Barry’s Birthday retells The Great Banquet and looks at God’s invitation to each of us to join him in his Kingdom.

  3. Salty Farm retells the Parable of The Sower and invites children to consider if they have a heart made of ‘good soil’ that is open and receptive to God’s word.

  4. The Biscuit Machine retells The Persistent Widow and children will learn about the importance of not losing hope when we pray.

  5. Phil the Unmerciful retells The Unmerciful Servant and helps children understand the enormous debt Jesus paid for us on the cross, as they think about how they can forgive others.

  6. The Good Employee retells The Good Samaritan and focusses on loving other people selflessly and practically.

Series 2

  1. The Assistant retells the Parable of the Talents and encourages children to think about their gifts and how they can use them well for God’s Kingdom.

  2. The Fancy Party retells the Parable of the Ten Girls and focusses on being ready and prepared for Jesus.

  3. Mega Designs retells The Wise and Foolish Builders and looks at what it means to build your life on God and his Kingdom values.

  4. The Lost Brian retells The Lost Sheep and shows children the lengths Jesus will go to in order to find and protect us.

  5. Odd Jobs retells The Workers in the Vineyard and focusses on the abundant kindness and generosity of God.

  6. The Golden Biscuit retells The Hidden Treasure and teaches about the joy and freedom we find in discovering the Kingdom of God.


Want to use The Parables videos to add some fun to your All Age Gatherings or outreach? No problem! We’ve put them all in one place for you!

Parables Episodes: 12 parables retold the Taylormation way – take your pick!

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