The Church-and-Home Connection

Struggling to bridge the gap? Spark connection between church and home with these 8 ideas for creating an integrated and supportive network which helps families thrive in their faith.

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Creating strong connections between church and home for kids involves fostering a supportive and cohesive environment that reinforces shared values and teachings. Here are some suggestions to help strengthen the connection between church and home for kids as we disciple kids in the way of Jesus:

  1. Open Communication: Encourage open communication between parents, caregivers, and church leaders. Regularly discuss teachings and activities at the church.

  2. Family Worship: Establish a routine of family worship at home. This can include reading Scripture, discussion, or engaging in prayers together. This helps children see the relevance of church teachings in their daily lives.

  3. Involve Parents in Church Activities: Actively involve parents in church events and activities. This could be through volunteering, participating in parent-child activities, or attending family-focused church programs.

  4. Family Events at Church: Organize family-centered events at the church, such as family retreats, workshops, or picnics. These events provide opportunities for families to bond and strengthen their connection with the church community.

  5. Parent Workshops: Offer workshops and other resources for parents to deepen their understanding of discipleship and how to disciple their kids at each age and stage.

  6. Parenting Support Groups: Establish parenting support groups within the church community where parents can share experiences, seek advice, and support each other in raising children with strong spiritual foundations. This may also include a type of parenting mentorship program connecting seasoned parents with newer ones.

  7. Celebrate Milestones Together: Celebrate important milestones and events together as a church community. This can include baptisms, confirmations, and other significant events that strengthen the sense of community and shared values.

  8. Use of Technology: Leverage technology to enhance communication between the church and families. Share resources, updates, and event information through emails, social media, or church websites.

By creating an integrated and supportive network between church and home, children can experience a seamless transition between their discipleship experience in church and that practiced at home. This holistic approach contributes to the spiritual development of children within a supportive community.

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