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To help you get the most out of RaiseUpFaith we've put together this handy 'How to use RaiseUP lesson'.

The RaiseUpFaith Team

To help you get the most out of RaiseUP we've put together this handy 'how to use RaiseUP lesson'.

As you walk through each section you'll learn -

  • How to discover the right content

  • How to use your content

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With over 1500 individual lessons, and more than 10,000 pieces of individual content, knowing how to discover content on the platform is really important. The ‘search’ function is your new best friend and will help you narrow your search by theme, person or passage of scripture, keyword, age group, type of activity, and the list goes on.

There are three ways to find the perfect curriculum, series, lesson or activity:

  • Click through on the curriculum plan cards from the homepage to discover a full scope and sequence for your ministry to follow.

  • Click through on the curriculum brand logos from the front page to discover the pre-built series and lessons.

  • Use the search function to narrow down your search.


Lesson pages are a powerful new tool to help kids ministry and youth workers get the most out of RaiseUpFaith. This video will help you to understand how to use them to maximum effect!

Use the lesson outline to navigate your way through the lesson - discovering all of that sessions content along the way.

Once you've got to know the flow then either download content to use offline, or lead straight from the site by clicking into presentation mode.

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