One Story Early Yrs

The One Story approach is to teach stories within the context of the overarching biblical narrative, so that kids and youth can learn each story and how it connects into God’s story. We also want kids and youth to see where they fit into God’s story, and discover the role that God has for them as disciples of Jesus. Welcome to Early Years.

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Our Message

Jesus is Lord and he loves you.

Our Mission

We want to help you develop lifelong followers of Jesus.

Each week, four key elements form the structure for One Story curriculum:

1. God Story

Children hear or read a story from the Bible.

2. Life Story

Children see or hear a real-life, relevant example that helps them understand and engage with the Big Idea. This is a real-life example that brings the Big Idea to life.

3. My Story

Application activities that give kids the opportunity to process, engage with, and discuss the Big Idea and biblical themes introduced in the lesson

4. Our Story

Each week, we also include resources for families to use at home. Kids leave with resources for their families and community to continue the conversation and learning at home throughout the week.


There are three units for each age group on which give 13 weeks of sessions for your children’s or youth ministry group. The full curriculum from One Story covers the full biblical narrative and can be found more at

Early Years

Children are introduced to the grand story of Jesus and God’s love for everyone.


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