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Ages 5-11; 112 lessons over 31 series

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Our Big Start curriculum is a treasure trove of lesson plans for kids aged 5-11. Big Start’s creative approach to each value-based theme makes every lesson a highlight of the day.

Originally created as a school resource for Collective Worship/assembly time, Big Start has now been adapted for churches. Combining value-based themes with stories from the Bible, the lessons are easy to plan and great fun for children. We give you everything you need: presentations, videos, songs, music, scripts and a whole lot more. It’s a great way to get engaging ideas that make preparation easy!

The lessons encourage strong all-round development with important topics including friendship, anti-bullying, diversity, forgiveness and many more. Take your kids through a whole series, pick a lesson when you want to highlight a particular topic or Bible story, or follow our value-based 3 year scope and sequence.

What are the lessons like?

Big Start lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Gathering – get the lesson started with a countdown video, a song and an illustration of the theme.

  • Engaging – dig deeper and give kids the chance to encounter and immerse themselves in the Bible story, drawing out the lessons and values we can learn from it.

  • Responding – reflect on the story and message, allowing opportunities for the kids to apply it into their own lives.

  • Sending – Takeaway and Follow Up activities help kids transition from this special time back into the day, encouraging them to put into practice what has been explored and reflected upon.

Content example: In this ‘Dig Deeper’ video we hear Rahab’s story, found in the Bible in Joshua 2.


There are 31 Big Start series on the RaiseUpFaith platform, containing anything from 1 to 13 lessons.

To help you navigate the wealth of resources, this 3 year scope and sequence shows how you can use Big Start:





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