Where are Tomorrow’s Church Leaders going to Come From?

If we want to see the church grow it starts with kidmin.

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Raising the Church of 2050

Download the slides to accompany Christie Penner-Worden's Future of the Church breakout at Exponential 2023. In this slide deck you'll find:

  • Why kidmin needs to be a core focus of any church growth strategy.

  • Why church find it hard to meet the needs of Millennial parents and their Gen Alpha kids

  • What you need to develop in your church to put yourself on a growth footing

Just fill in your details at the bottom of this page (smart phone), to the right (desktop) to get the slides!

The Story of Quilts, Quilting Bees, and The Hive

What happens when two quilting bees learn that their quilts share a pattern or a theme or a color scheme? Do they begin to stitch them together for a single purpose? This is the story of how RaiseUpFaith and CTA are partnering to create The Children's Ministry Hive.

New Feature - Team Builder

Team Builder has arrived! Find out here how this fab new feature works for you and your team, and leaves you time for a chair spin!

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