Free Preschool Sunday School Lessons: God Made Today

For groups aged 3–4; ‘God Made Today’ is the first lesson in a series that explore what God's good promises mean for them today. From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, and what it means for them to love and live for God each day in turn.

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The Bible is full of God's good promises to us. Wonderful Day helps children to explore what these mean for them today, from the moment they wake up until they go to bed, and what it means for them to love and live for God each day in turn.


Welcome the children by sharing the key point we’ll be discovering today and the key verse.


In this session, the children will:

  • understand that each day is a special day given by God

Share the key verse:

Psalm 118:24 (NRSV)

' This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.'




This is a light-hearted game or challenge, linked to the overall theme of the session. (These are generally pitched at children at the older end of the age range.)


  • The aim of the game is for the children to match the special day with its date.

  • Call out the name of the day (e.g. Christmas Day) and then four different options for a date (e.g. December 1st, July 10th, December 25th or 31st May).

  • Get the children to move to different areas of the room, depending on which one they think is the right answer.

  • Use dates which mean something to the children – for example Mother’s Day, the first day of the summer holiday or a birthday of one of the children in the room.

  • Tip: Depending on the age and stage of your children, you might limit the options to make it easier – e.g. give them two choices of date instead of four.



This section provides the core learning for the session. It is broken up into an illustration and a message: a template for how you might choose to explain the key learning concept, which can be adapted for your unique context and audience.


(Question and Reflection)


This is a simple question that more directly introduces children to the session’s theme.


Ask the children the following question:

  • If you could do absolutely anything today, what would it be?


ACTIVITY TWO: (Activity and Question)


The illustration is an engaging means of introducing children to the key learning concept explored in the message.


Explore a typical day with the children.

With younger children

To prepare:

  • Collect different items that suggest different times in the day – for example, a toothbrush, a rucksack, plates and cutlery, pyjamas, etc. Put them in a suitcase.

To run this illustration:

  • Look at different everyday items that the children will recognise to talk about their daily experiences.

  • Explain that you have packed a few bits and pieces in your case – things that you will need during the day. Look at the items one by one.

  • Try to order the items so that you journey through a day – i.e. look at morning-related items first and conclude with bedtime-related ones.

  • Talk about them with the children.

  • What is this? Who has one of these?

  • What does this item get used for? When do you use it?

With older children

  • You might like to create tableaux representing different hours of the day.

  • Break the children into small groups and give each one a time and a day – for example, 8am on a Friday. The group then creates a freeze-frame depicting what they would be doing at that time.

  • Let each group show theirs in turn, while you commentate on what’s happening in each scene.

Link to message:

This may be a typical day. But that doesn’t make it ordinary. Every day is special – because it’s a day that God has made. You might like to show the session 1 Bible verse video here.


A selection of different items that suggest different times in the day


ACTIVITY THREE: Watch and Reflect

The message is a template for how you might choose to explain the key learning concept, which can be adapted for your unique context and audience.


  • Ask the children about their idea of the perfect day. What do they love to spend their day doing? (Now would be a good time to share any answers to the little BIG question.)

  • Every day is different. But whatever kind of day it is – whether it’s a Sunday or a Monday, a ‘regular’ day or Christmas Day – every day is a special day. That’s because it is God’s day!

  • The Bible says, “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24, NRSV). In other words, today – this day – is God’s wonderful day. It’s a gift He has given to us. And He wants us to enjoy it!

  • It also means that God has a special plan for each day too. Today, God wants us to find out a little bit more about Him. Today, God wants us to see Him more and love Him more – wherever we might go and whatever we might do.

  • The Bible is full of amazing promises about what it means to spend every day with God by our side. We’re going to be looking at these over the next few weeks.

  • But for now, let’s say a great big thank you to God for this wonderful day He has given us – and let’s enjoy it!



This section contains a couple of song suggestions and a simple prayer.

Let’s Worship: What a Beautiful Name

This is a contemporary worship song or hymn played over a beautiful filmed sequence. This worship video is on the theme of Psalm 118:24.


This is a song praising the Lord and showing our thankfulness and wonder at His love for us. This video for "What a Beautiful Name" shows images of a family starting the day. It links to the theme of 'God made today'.


Let's Worship: Walking Down the Street

This is a simple song drawing on key curriculum themes, which children could easily learn and join in with over the course of several weeks. This singalong has actions and words about how God is always with us. You can also use the chords and lyrics sheet to play along.


  • Introduce the 'singalong’. Explain that this is a song with actions with lots of ideas about how God is always with us.

  • Watch the Let’s Worship: Walking Down the Street video.

  • Encourage the children to sing along and to follow the actions.



This is a simple prayer of thanksgiving based on the curriculum theme, which the children could learn over the course of the series. This prayer video has lots of ideas about all that God has created and what to thank God for.


  • Watch the Wonderful Day Thank You Prayer.

  • You might ask the children to think about what they appreciate in their lives and ask them to share their own ideas. Say that we can thank God for these things too.



Each session contains three suggested craft activities which serve as a reminder of the session’s key learning.

Activity One: Craft a Sun Plate



Each session contains three suggested craft activities which serve as a reminder of the session’s key learning.


Each child will need their own paper plate.

To make a sun:

  • Decorate a paper plate by sticking yellow pasta in the middle.

  • Stick spaghetti ‘sunrays’ around the edge.

As you make the craft, reflect on how every new sunrise is a new day from God.


1 for each child

Small pasta pieces

Raw spaghetti


Paper plates


Activity Two: Craft a Stick House

Use these crafts to help the children remember that today is God’s day! This craft is suitable for all ages.


Each child will need a sheet of card.

To make the stick house:

  • Glue five craft sticks onto the card in the shape of a house.

  • Write in the words of Psalm 118:24 (LWC) – “God has made this day. Let’s be happy and glad about it!”

  • Draw in the details of the house using pens or crayons. If there is room, children can draw their family in the house too!

  • Put stickers or other decorations onto the house to finish it off.

Encourage the children to display their craft at home and to learn Psalm 118:24 by heart.


Card - 1 for each child

Pens or crayons


Decorating materials

Craft (lollipop) sticks


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