Free Lesson: God's Calling - Mission Awesome!

Jesus gives us the most awesome, exciting and important mission of all time: to share the good news of God’s great love to the world so that others will know Him and love Him for themselves. 'Welcome to Mission: Awesome' is the first session in this series. In this session, we’ll explore the command Jesus left with his disciples – to go into all nations and make disciples – and discover what it means for us to carry on this awesome mission today.

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This lesson is taken from the God Rocks! lesson series Mission: Awesome. The God Rocks curriculum is one of the many curriculum brands that are featured on RaiseUPfaith. You can find the full version of this lesson, along with the rest of the series, and hundreds of other children’s ministry lessons and resources on the platform.

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SECTION 1: Ready to Rock

The session begins with time for kids to arrive and settle into the group. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, it allows a formal beginning to the session when everybody is ready. Secondly, it creates space to build relationships within the group, allowing leaders to welcome the children and connect with them over simple, fun activities.

This space to welcome children is a valuable part of ministry. The time and attention spent greeting the children and caring for them in this phase is an important expression of the love that God has for them.

Mission: Awesome: Rock Up Welcome



Welcome the children to Mission: Awesome with activities and play as they arrive. Then welcome the whole group to the session.


  • Have a few simple toys or board games out for the children to engage with as they arrive, before beginning the main session.

  • Play your choice of praise music from the Raise Up site to set the scene for the session. (You might like to use a selection of God Rocks! Scripture Songs found throughout the Mission: Awesome curriculum.)

  • Welcome the children. Settle them into the session by talking to them and playing with them.

  • Leader’s Welcome: When everybody has arrived, play the God Rocks! theme music video to signal the start of the session.

  • Invite the children to the front and welcome them to church.



Hello everybody! I would say ‘welcome to church’ – but this isn’t really church. Take a look around you. You have arrived at God Rocks! Mission HQ. That’s because every one of us here has been hand-picked by God to be part of an incredible world-shaking, history-making mission!

Over the next few sessions, we’re going to learn all about this special task. We’ll learn important lessons and sharpen our special agent skills so that we’re ready to embark on God’s mission. And the God Rocks are here to help us: Chip, Gem, Splint and Carb.

What are we waiting for? Let’s rock!


Simple activities such as building blocks or colouring sheets and pens


Welcome: Gem's Gem-nastics

This warm-up uses the song ‘Run with me’ to get children up and moving. The song reminds us that we were all born with a purpose and that God will give us power.


  • Press ‘play’ on the Gem’s Gem-nastics video.

  • Encourage the children to join in with the moves and sing along with Gem too.


Lots of space

**Script included in the download


Chip’s Challenge Activity: Crack the code word


'Crack the codeword' is a game to help find the mission code word, ‘AWESOME’.


  • Play the Chip’s Challenge: Crack the Code Word video.

  • Play the game (see details below).

Set up:

  • Write out one letter on each sheet of paper, so that together they will spell the word ‘AWESOME’.

How to play the game:

This game is very similar to ‘Red Light, Green Light.’

  1. You will need one leader to be the ‘guardian.’ They stand at the end of the hall.

  2. Place a plastic chair beside them. Stick one of the letters from the pile (at random – not in order) face down onto the back of the plastic chair using the sticky tack. The guardian’s job is to ‘guard’ the chair throughout the game – and to put another letter out whenever one gets taken.

  3. The children begin the game at the opposite end of the hall.

  4. The guardian should have their back turned to the children.

  5. The children need to sneak up on the guardian and grab the letter from the back of the chair.

  6. The guardian can turn around at any point. When they do, the children must FREEZE. If the guardian catches anybody moving, that child must return to the starting point.

  7. When somebody succeeds in grabbing the letter, they take it back to ‘base.’ The guardian puts the next letter on the chair and the next round begins.

  8. The challenge ends when all the letters have been collected and rearranged to reveal the mission codeword – AWESOME.


A4 paper 7 sheets

Sticky tack or tape

A plastic chair 1

**Script included in the download



Choose some worship songs that the children know and use the God Rocks! prayer video.

God Rocks! Worship

This is time to sing praise and worship songs.


  • Spend some time singing praise and worship songs, whether playing them live or using a recording.

  • Play the God Rocks! prayer video, incorporating the God Rocks! prayer.


Worship Songs

**Script included in the download



The Bible is God’s Word, helping us to know more about Him, His love for us and His plans for the world. This phase of the session brings the Bible to life: through our God Rocks! animations and the message.

Scripture Song: Go and Make Disciples

This fun, active video gets kids singing, dancing and learning a key Scripture by heart.


Display Matthew 28:19-20 on the screen, using the slide. Then lead the children in reading it.

Play video:

  • Press play on the Scripture Song: Go and Make Disciples video.

  • Encourage the children to sing along and join in the actions.

**Script included in the download


Parable Playhouse: The Princess and the Seeds

This explores a parable of Jesus, told by the God Rocks in their own, unique way! This video is an adaptation of the Parable of the Ten Minas from Luke 19:11-27.


  • When the children are sitting comfortably, press play on the Parable Playhouse: The Princess and the Seeds video.

  • When the video has finished, you might want to check the children’s response to the story using the questions in the script.

**Script included in the download


Welcome to Mission: Awesome! Leader's Teaching


Jesus handed God’s mission over to his disciples to continue. This is Mission: Awesome - to share the good news of God’s amazing love with people around us and invite them to know God for themselves.


Message – Say:

  • There are some things which are just too good to keep to ourselves. We have to share them with other people!

  • In Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus tells his followers to “go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

  • Jesus himself came to earth to share the best news anyone could hear: that God loves us. He came to call people to know God for themselves and to live God’s way.

  • Jesus had taken special care to teach his disciples about God’s mission so that they could carry on his work when he was gone.

  • In the Parable of the Ten Minas, Jesus was helping his disciples understand that he was handing God’s mission over to them to continue.

  • This is Mission: Awesome – to share the good news of God’s amazing love with people around us and invite them to know God for themselves. Everyone here has been hand-picked by Jesus to take part.



This section allows children to open up the Bible for themselves – to read it and reflect on what it means for their understanding of God and His will. It also provides children with a model for how to read the Bible: both practically (in terms of finding books, chapters and verses) and spiritually (in terms of asking questions of the text and applying it to their own lives).

Welcome to Mission: Awesome! Spikin' Small Groups


The spikin' small groups provide the opportunity to discuss Scripture and any questions the children might have in a safe space. There are a variety of Bible readings and questions provided. You might spend 10 minutes maximum discussing a few questions with younger children. Older children may like to discuss all of them for longer and in more detail.


  • Break the children into groups. Ensure each group has a leader to help with the discussions. Start with one or two of the ice-breaker questions to help build the children’s confidence before beginning the main Bible study.

  • You can find the ice breaker questions and the Bible study in the ‘Full Script’.

  • The Bible study is on the Parable of the Ten Minas found in Luke 19:11-26. (The Parable Playhouse version is called ‘The Princess and the Seeds’.)

**Script included in the download



This section allows children the chance to respond to the teaching content through a variety of different activities. The craft activities draw on the session’s theme. Many of them include replicating the session’s key Bible verse. Each session includes one prayer-based activity linked to the session’s teaching, and a more challenging drama-based creative activity to extend learning with older children.

As well as helping the children to interpret and review the session’s teaching, this phase is also important for building relationship and pastoral care. The time spent on crafts allows you as leaders the chance to talk with and listen to the children as they share their reflections on the teaching, their joys and their concerns.

Mission: Awesome Sign-Up (Activity 1)


Jesus invites us to join him in Mission: Awesome! To sign up for this amazing adventure, take a trip to the Mission: Awesome photobooth.


To prepare:

  • Create a ‘photo booth’ from a simple cardboard frame. It needs to be big enough to create a ‘headshot’ of the children when they sit behind it.

  • Stick it to a couple of poles attached to chairs so that it’s free-standing.

To sign up for Mission: Awesome:

  1. Pick out a special agent costume from the box

  2. Sit in the ‘photobooth’ and make your best ‘special agent’ pose.

  3. The leader takes a picture and prints it out.

  4. Put the picture on the classroom wall under the title, ‘Mission: Awesome agents.’


An instant camera or a digital one with access to a printer

A 'photobox'

A box of special agent props for example cool hats and sunglasses


Rock Solid : Special Agent ID Badges (Activity 2)



All Special Agents need their ID! Make your own badge to show that you are part of Jesus’ big mission.


To prepare:

  • Print and cut out blank badges using the ‘ Mission: Awesome ID badge’ printable template.

To make your ID badge:

  1. Fill in your name on the ID card template. Draw a picture of yourself in the box.

  2. Make a lanyard for your badge by threading pasta shapes or real beads onto a long length of elastic.

  3. Attach the card to the lanyard by making a hole in the card and tying it on.


Blank ID cards (see printables)

Pasta tubes and/ or macaroni

Optional: real beads

Elastic string

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This section provides a chance to reflect on the session, review learning, and set the week’s take-home challenge. As with ‘Rock Up,’ it allows a final chance to support children pastorally by providing space to connect with them as they wait for their grown up to collect them.

Mission: Awesome: Rock Out Take home activity



Share a take home activity which encourages the children to find three ways of sharing God’s love with somebody this week.


  • Play the God Rocks! theme music to draw the children back to the front.

  • Reflect on what the children have learnt in the session.

  • Give out the Mission: Awesome logbooks.

  • Show the slide with the take-home challenge and explain this week's task.

  • Close with the session prayer:

Dear God,

Thank you that you have such BIG plans for this world. It’s amazing to think that You picked us to be part of Mission: Awesome! We want to be Your special agents in the world today. Help us as we learn to share the good news of Your amazing love with our friends and neighbors.

Amen! God Rocks! (Together) God Rocks!

Copies of the Mission: Awesome logbook printable


Mission: Awesome: Rock Out Winding down

Run your choice of activities while you wait for grown-ups to arrive.


  • You might want to recap the session’s God Rocks! Scripture Song by playing the Scripture Song video.

  • You could provide a pile of God Rocks! Session 1 coloring sheets – see the printable resources.

  • Alternatively, bring out a few simple games or toys for the children to enjoy, and chat with the children while they wait.


God Rocks!: theme music

Copies of Mission: Awesome logbook printable

**Colouring sheet available in the free download


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Creating Space for Children to Listen

In Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby he teaches that “God is always at work around you”. As Christ followers we can be assured of God’s presence. He is at work, and he is present. In John 5:17 Jesus says, “my Father is always working, and so am I”. He is at work around us regardless of our age. Our job is to be on the lookout for his work and to be listening for him. As we are discipling world changers it’s important for us to keep that truth at the forefront of our minds.

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