Free Children's Bible Lesson: Teamwork (Eccl 4:9)

Teamwork in the bible is often called 'unity' but for children to find it easier to understand, this lesson introduces the concept of Teamwork. This is an exciting lesson as it recognises the unique value every child can bring to a group and how important they are.

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Please read and reflect on this before leading your session.




Today our TREASURE (value) is TEAMWORK. Teamwork in the bible is often called ‘unity’ but children will find it easier to grasp the concept of Teamwork (in essence we are talking about the same thing!). This is such an exciting topic to cover with a group of children because it recognises the unique value every child can bring to a group and how important they are.


The passage today is from Luke 5:17-26 where Jesus heals a paralysed man.

Each session focuses on a 'key point' that the children should understand by the end of the session. Our key verse for today tells us:

  • ‘Two are better than one, because they get more done by working together’ Ecclesiastes 4:9.

We all have strengths and weaknesses but in working together as a team we can see greater results than if we worked on our own. Or, as our take home truth, #tht, says:

‘I am strong when I work as part of a team’

**Script included in the download



This ‘welcome’ is an opportunity to hear news and ideas from the children and to welcome them to the session. You can also remind them of the treasure you have looked at in previous weeks.



This ‘welcome’ is an opportunity to hear news and ideas from the children and to welcome them to the session.


  • Ask the children ‘What is the best thing that happened to you this week?’ and take responses.

  • Complete the Champ attendance card as a way of welcoming each child and use a stamp on the card to show who is here.



Hello Treasure Champs! It’s so great to see you all here today! Why don’t you think about something you did this week that made you proud of yourself? Put your hand up and I will choose someone to tell us what they did.

The children can share some news with you.


Its brilliant to chat about the good things you did this week.

You are all so welcome today!


So, every week we are going to see who is here and who gets a champ stamp on the special Treasure Champs group attendance card.

Let’s see who is here today!

You can also stamp the back of the children’s hand and say, 'Well done for being here!'



The Champ Camp introduces the session themes and the Bible story. This presents the value as a ‘treasure’ that we can learn about from the Bible.

Teamwork with Barry, Kari and Thingy


This animation is an introduction to the treasure by the characters Barry, Kari and Thingy.


  • Explain that this part of the room or this time will be our Champ Camp when we learn and think and discover new things.

  • Play the animation video on Teamwork.



We are going to start a brand-new theme today and it’s all about being a Treasure Champ.

At this point you could show the TC logo on screen to the children.

It follows two characters, Barry and Kari and their pet, Thingy.

At this point you could show the characters onscreen.

We are all going to use this part of our room as our Champ Camp. This is where we come to learn and think and discover new things.

Has anyone ever been on holiday and sat round a campfire? We want this time to feel a bit like that. Time to listen and chat and hang out together. OK?

Does anyone know what the word ‘Treasure’ means?

The children can share their ideas with you.

We can find out more by watching the screen. Everyone! Get comfortable and make sure you can see! Let’s watch this together, Treasure champs!

Watch the animation video.


Champ Camp Chat: Teamwork


This Champ Camp Chat introduces the word 'Teamwork'.

The purpose of the chat: We can’t always tell what things are like from the outside can we? God sees things as worth something not just because of what they look like.


  • Use the ‘full script’ to lead a discussion about 'Teamwork

  • Introduce the #tht (take home truth) for this session which is:

‘I am strong when I work as part of a team’

  • Ask children how it makes them feel to hear those words.

  • For older children, use the ‘GO DEEPER’ ideas to help them think about this in more depth.


Treasure Champs Bible Story: Jesus Heals a Paralysed Man



This Bible story links to the theme of ‘Teamwork’ and you can find it in the Bible in Luke 5:17-26.


  • Play the Bible story video.

  • When the story video finishes, ask the children some questions about the story. (See the ‘full script’ for the questions.)



Hey Treasure Champs! We are going to watch our story for today now.

(Watch the video of the Treasure Champs Bible Story.)

Here are some things to think about. The four friends worked together as a team to help their friend.

  • Do you think it would have been much harder to carry the man if there were only 3 friends helping?

  • What do you think the sick friend would have thought of his friends helping him?

  • When one of the friends suggested taking him up to the roof, do you think some of the friends would have thought it was a crazy idea?


All the friends worked as a team. One of the team might have been stronger and carried the sick man for longer, but a different team member had the idea to take him to the roof, and another one of the friends made a contraption to lower the sick man down to Jesus. The friends were all good at different things but they worked together as a team and trusted each other.



The Champ Games are a fun way to think about the session themes and the Bible story. There is a game suitable for any size room (Barry's game) and one that is a bigger scale game that requires a bit more space (Kari's game).

Champ Game: Cup Challenge


This game aims to help children work together as a team.

Purpose of the game:

Have you wondered if you could just do that challenge on your own? You actually need three or more people to do that challenge, and it is a great example of how fun and challenging it is working with other people. Imagine how fun and challenging it was for the four friends who carried their friend to see Jesus!


How to play:

  • Children will need to be put in groups of 3-5.

  • Each group will need one elastic band

  • Each child will need a 1 metre length of string.

  • Show the children how to loop all their lengths of string through the elastic band so they are holding onto both ends of their string. Then demonstrate how together they can pull their string to stretch out the elastic band, or come together to shrink it back.

  • Once they have mastered this, show them how to pick up an upside down paper cup, by pulling their string and stretching the elastic band out around the cup then gently relaxing to allow the elastic band to grip the cup enabling them to lift it and move it. When they want to drop the cup they can simply stretch out the string again.

  • If you want to ramp it up a notch you could ask them to pick up 5 cups and take them to the other side of the room one at a time!


paper cups - 1 per group

string - multiple

elastic band — multiple

**Script included in the download



This section is an opportunity to share in worship together.


This section is an opportunity to share in worship together. Think about including songs that the children know well, songs with actions and songs that link to the theme of ‘Me and Others’.


  • Choose some worship songs that the children will enjoy. (You can search on RaiseUp for worship songs.)

  • Think about including a song which includes the theme that we are made to get on well with others and reflect on the theme of 'Me and Others'.



The Champ activities are a way to explore the session theme and Bible story in a creative and different way. This includes Champ makes and a Champ prayer activity.

Activity one: Champ Make: Team Wreath


This craft is based around the theme of teamwork and individuality.


To make this Team Wreath

  • Draw around the plate on the A3 paper and in the middle write the #tht. (Show on the screen.)

  • Get the children to personalise their wreaths by writing their names and putting painted hand prints on the wreaths and share their hands around to make each wreath unique.



Hey Champs! We are going to make a Team Wreath for everyone. You will all need to get a large sheet of paper and draw around a plate in the middle.

Then in the middle of the circle can you write today’s take home truth #tht.

You can put the Bible verse onto the screen for the children to copy.

Write your name on the top of your paper because we are all going to work as a team to decorate everyone’s wreaths!

Each child can chose one colour of paint to dip their hand into then work their way around everyone’s paper to print their hand print once around the outside of the plate marking. The hand prints should build up so that everyone’s wreath becomes full with everyone’s hand prints, lots of different coloured hands demonstrating the diversity and strength of the team!


A3 paper - 1 per child

dinner plate or paper plate - multiple

pens - multiple

paints- multiple


Activity two - Champ Make: Man on a Mat



Use this activity to show the children how the friends in the story lowered their paralysed friend on the mat.


  • Explain to the children how this activity will work out and encourage them to join in.

  • Talk about how this activity links in with the story.

  • Play some quiet, fun music in the background.



So, Champs, you will remember the story of the four friends who lowered their friend through the roof to see Jesus. We are going to make the man on his mat and you can practice lowering him down without him falling off!

You will need your string from the game earlier, two pipe cleaners and a sheet of paper. Can you colour the paper in really bright colours and then a grown up can punch a hole in each of the four corners.

Now cut your string in half (making 2x50cm lengths). Thread each end into a hole and tie on.

Finally, you need to make your two pipe cleaners into a man. You should make a circle head and arms from the first pipe cleaner, and the second can attach to make the body and legs.

You are ready to carry your pipe cleaner friend on his mat. Lift up the string to balance the man and see if you can carry him around without him falling!


pipe cleaners - 2 per child

string - 1 metre per child

sheet of paper - 1 per child

colouring pencils - multiple

hole punch - 1 per adult

**Activity three included in the download



Closing is an opportunity to talk to God and thanks Him for this session's 'treasure'. it is an opportunity for the children to take this 'treasure' with them into their lives.

Closing Prayer: teamwork


The closing prayer is an opportunity to pray about the theme of Teamwork before the children leave the session.


  • Use the closing prayer to end the session.

  • You might want to use the Treasure Champs theme as the children leave the session



We are going to end this session with a prayer now.

Father, Thank you that we have had fun working together as a team today. Help us know that we are an important part of the team and that it makes you happy when we work together. Please help me remember that I have a special part to play in the team and just like the jigsaw puzzle piece help me know that I am very valuable. Amen


Have an amazing week Treasure Champs and I will see you again next time!


Treasure Champs Theme Music

You might to play the Treasure Champs Theme Music as the children leave the room.


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