Top Tips To Draw Kids Into Your Ministry

When planning a Kids’ or Youth Ministry session, there are a number of factors to get right. Here are our 6 Key Ingredients To Successful Sessions.

FaceSally Tate & Rick Otto
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When planning kids’ or youth ministry sessions or programmes there are a number of factors to perfect. In this paper Rick Otto, Head of New Wine Kids Ministry, shares his hints and tips on how to get it right!

RaiseUP is proud to sponsor the kids programme at this years New Wine United Breaks Out. You can log into the RaiseUP platform to discover exclusive New Wine content and sessions from the event, featuring Rick and his team, and a not inconsiderable amount of gunge!

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What is Love?

Love builds character. In fact, love only builds. Whether in the throes of the lows or stormy seas, loving well and being loved through it builds strength and resilience. It builds faith and hope, and feeds joy. Love matters because presence matters. And in all the spaces in between, love leads and carries and holds your hand. Because Love has come. And it is for you.

Hope Has A Name

Hope has a name, and as followers of Jesus, we know it to be His. But in a recent deep dive into the book of Hebrews, I found that Hope is not only rightly named, it is so clearly defined that to miss it would be, well, hopeless.

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