CPC 23: Naming the Tensions

The word "identity" is important and relevant. What does scripture say about our identity?

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The word "identity" is important and relevant. What does scripture say about our identity? How does our family story, our culture, or our life experience impact how we see ourselves?

Let's take a look at how finding our identity in Jesus, as a child of God and image bearer, resolves some of the significant tensions our kids are experiencing around identity today.

Creating Space for Children to Listen

In Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby he teaches that “God is always at work around you”. As Christ followers we can be assured of God’s presence. He is at work, and he is present. In John 5:17 Jesus says, “my Father is always working, and so am I”. He is at work around us regardless of our age. Our job is to be on the lookout for his work and to be listening for him. As we are discipling world changers it’s important for us to keep that truth at the forefront of our minds.

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