20 FREE Bible Coloring Pages

Download these FREE printable bible verse coloring pages for your kids ministry today. Children will love bringing these delightful Christian coloring pages illustrations to life, and getting to know Bible verses they'll treasure for their whole lives!

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FREE Download Printable Bible Coloring Sheets


Bible coloring pages for kids are a staple of any children’s ministry or Sunday School! It’s great to see Christian kids bringing their coloring pages to life, while engaging with Bible stories and Bible verses that will help build a firm foundation for their lives with Jesus.

We’ve compiled 20 beautiful printable Bible illustrations, so now you don’t have to scour Pinterest or Google for hours on end looking for the right sheets! Our FREE Sunday School Bible Coloring Pages come from two of RaiseUPfaith’s exclusive curriculum brands:-

Fill in your details and get 20 FREE printable bible coloring pages in PDF format. Each sheet combines a memory verse with a beautiful illustration for kids to color in and keep.

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