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We’ve pulled together some of our favorites to help you get to know us! Feel welcome to all of these free resources, and once you’ve had a look around, be sure to sign up for your Free Forever account to access more—no credit card required (for real).

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Being Not Doing: The Church, Young People, and Mental Health

Want to get better at helping the young people in your church deal with issues around mental health? Download this FREE resource!

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20 FREE Bible Coloring Pages

Download these FREE printable bible verse coloring pages for your kids ministry today. Children will love bringing these delightful Christian coloring pages illustrations to life, and getting to know Bible verses they'll treasure for their whole lives!

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Top Tips To Draw Kids Into Your Ministry

When planning a Kids’ or Youth Ministry lessons, there are a number of factors to get right. Here are our 6 Key Ingredients To Successful Sessions.

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Free Preschool Sunday School Lessons: God Made Today

For groups aged 3–4; ‘God Made Today’ is the first lesson in a series that explore what God's good promises mean for them today. From the moment they wake up until they go to bed, and what it means for them to love and live for God each day in turn.

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Free Children's Bible Lesson: Teamwork (Eccl 4:9)

Teamwork in the bible is often called 'unity' but for children to find it easier to understand, this lesson introduces the concept of Teamwork. This is an exciting lesson as it recognises the unique value every child can bring to a group and how important they are.

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God's Faithfulness: Moses

The Illuminate+ series ‘God Encounters’ kicks off with six sessions that look at how God’s light, His presence, made a difference in the lives of humans. Each session focuses on a theme which is one way that God revealed Himself in the story we are looking at. In this session the Bible character is Moses and the theme is ‘I will be with you' revealing the faithfulness of God.

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Free Lesson: God's Calling - Mission Awesome!

Jesus gives us the most awesome, exciting and important mission of all time: to share the good news of God’s great love to the world so that others will know Him and love Him for themselves. 'Welcome to Mission: Awesome' is the first session in this series. In this session, we’ll explore the command Jesus left with his disciples – to go into all nations and make disciples – and discover what it means for us to carry on this awesome mission today.

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GET YOUR FREE ADVENT CALENDAR each day as we ponder the wonder of the season.

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CPC23 Lectio Divina

Download the slide resources from Rick Otto's Lectio Divina breakout from the 2023 Children's Pastors Conference.

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Hope In The Tension

The word "identity" is important and relevant. What does scripture say about our identity?

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CPC 23: Building Arks

Download the slide resources from Rick Otto's Building Arks breakout from the 2023 Children's Pastors Conference.

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CPC 23: Theological Guardrails

Download the slide resources from Christie Penner Worden's Theological Guardrail's breakout..

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Connecting With Kids Throughout The Week

How do you connect with the children in your ministry throughout the week?

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Where are Tomorrow’s Church Leaders going to Come From?

If we want to see the church grow it starts with kidmin.

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