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The Treasure Champs curriculum is a fun and simple way to explore the values God wants us to embody in our everyday lives. Full of beautiful, fun videos, crafts, bibles stories, and more.

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Welcome to the Treasure Champs Teaching Series!
We are so excited you are joining us! The Treasure Champs curriculum is a fun and simple way to explore the values God wants us to embody in our everyday lives.

It is founded upon:
The rules God set us,
the beliefs Jesus modelled
and the characteristics that the Holy Spirit enables us to develop.

We pray that as you go through each session, you will see your group of children grow in their love for God, others and themselves - and that they will become true TREASURE CHAMPS!


What is a Treasure Champ?

What we think and believe will inform how we act and speak.
For example, if I believe I am worthless, I will allow people to treat me that way, and may consider others like this, too.
But if I think I am worthy of love, I will expect people to reflect my worth back to me in things they do and say, and I will be able to show others quality love too.

We have used the word ‘treasure’ in this series to help young children understand the meaning of the word ‘value’ for themselves.

The word Champ (Champion) simply means a winner! For us, a Champ is someone who is intentionally living out the treasure, or value. Being kind ON PURPOSE! Or being generous ON PURPOSE!

What is the purpose of Treasure Champs?

Ultimately, these Treasure Champs sessions ask the million-dollar question:
What kind of Christian does God want me to be?
Our answer to that is simple:
God wants me to be like Jesus!

God wants us to treat ourselves and other people the way He treats us. But He didn’t leave us guessing how to do that best! He sent Jesus as our Ultimate Treasure Champ, to show us how to live. If we copy Jesus and the values he lived by, we will always treasure the things God treasures. Hooray!

Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there your heart [your wishes, your desires; that on which your life centres] will be also.” (AMP)


There are six series of Treasure Champs.

Each THEME (series) has 5 lessons.

Theme one: Precious Me
Theme two: Big Heart
Theme three: Me and Others
Theme four: Strong Hands - coming August 2021
Theme five: Brave Love - coming August 2021
Theme six: God in ME - coming August 2021

What are the sessions like?

As part of each session, you will meet our beautiful and colourful animated characters, best friends Kari and Barry, and their tiny pet, Thingy. Kari and Barry explore simply what different Biblical values are and what they mean for young children. There is also a video of a Bible story, told by a story-teller, for you to use as the central part of your session.


As part of each teaching lesson, you will find the following elements:

  • Treasure Champ welcome!

  • Champ stamp

  • Champ camp chat - This is a conversation with children (from the front/ group chat) to set the theme and share the #tht (Take home truth) of the day

  • Champ Game

  • Treasure Champ Bible Story video

  • Treasure worship

  • Champ make

  • Treasure Time Prayer

  • Champ Prayer


Remember earlier we looked at Psalm 15:1?
Lord, who can dwell in your tent? Who can live on your holy mountain? (Psalm 15:1) We have used this verse to establish our setting. Our Treasure Champs belong in the Champ Camp!
Imagine all sitting round a campfire chatting and having fun. The Champ Camp is just like that! It’s a place of safety where everyone is welcomed and valued. You can establish a designated place in your venue that is your ‘champ camp.’ It could be as simple as a carpet area, a corner, or if you have time to set it up, an actual tent!
Champ Camp is where we talk, listen and learn. Your ‘camp’ is where you go to explain things and hang out together. When you call your children back to together you can say, 'Back to camp everyone!' Or, 'Champ camp time!'


At Treasure Champs HQ, we believe that all kids’ groups need some boundaries. So, you can chat about what you are expecting from the children and what they can expect from you. Things like 'When you talk, I am going to look at you and listen well.' This will help children understand how to treat one another. Try to establish connection with the children above correction. Prioritise fun! Establish a place of peace and safety for the children.

Conversation is more important than Information.  You might not get all of these activities done – or say everything in these notes – but the most important thing is how you make the children in your group FEEL.  Hopefully they will want to find out more and come back again!


One of the most important elements of all the Treasure Champs sessions is the prayer section. This is designed to encourage children in your groups to reflect and process what they have learnt and give them the opportunity to grow in their own personal faith, as they think and pray and get to know God better. We encourage you to make time for these aspects so that children have space to speak to God and spend time listening to Him and acting on what they hear. Some of the sessions will contain the opportunity for children to begin to pray for themselves.

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