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Ages 4-8; 30 lessons over 7 series plus pre-school content

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The Treasure Champs curriculum is a fun and simple way to explore the values God wants us to embody in our everyday lives. Full of fun videos, crafts, Bible stories, and more.

Brought to you by loveable characters Barry, Kari and Thingy, each Treasure Champs lesson is built around a key Bible story and a core value, the Treasure, found within it. Both Treasure Champs and its younger version, Tiny Treasure Champs (specially created for pre-schoolers), are founded upon three things:

  • the rules God set us;

  • the beliefs Jesus taught us;

  • and the characteristics the Holy Spirit grows within us.

Through a delightful blend of beautiful storytelling, engaging games and captivating conversations, children will discover not only God’s precious truth, but ultimately their own immense value to Him.

What are the lessons like?

Treasure Champs lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Leader’s Notes – prepare for the lesson by reflecting on the theme and Bible passage.

  • Welcome – hear news and ideas from the children and remind them of the Treasure you have looked at in previous weeks.

  • Champ Camp – Introduce the Treasure and show the Bible story video.

  • Champ Games – A fun way to think about the Treasure and Bible story. Barry’s game is suitable for any size room while Kari’s game requires a bit more space.

  • Treasure Worship – an opportunity to share in worship together.

  • Champ Activities – Explore the Treasure in creative ways.

  • Closing – An opportunity to talk to God and thank him for today’s Treasure, and for children to take the Treasure with them into their own lives.

Content example: This video introduces the characters Barry and Kari.


There are 7 series of Treasure Champs. Each series groups well known Bible stories together to create an overall theme.

Ordinary Extraordinary: The Bible is full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. This series encourages children to see that God can also help us to be courageous, adventurous, obedient and to encourage other people.

Team Power: God is delighted when his people live together well and the Bible talks about us being a team, the body of Christ. Jesus mentions three groups of people to love: God, others and myself! Team Power reminds children that they play a special part in the family of God.

Serving The King: Serving The King is about generous, thoughtful people who loved God then served others showing kindness, hospitality, remembering, loyalty and patience. Faith in God means our reflex should be that we ‘do’. Faith and works together make our faith perfect!

Wear Your Crown: We look at some key stories in the lives of David and Solomon. It’s all about reminding children that they are special to God and others, even when they get things wrong. It explores that each child is unique, and is an unrepeatable design. The themes delve into the truth that God made each of us for a purpose.

Incredible Love: Incredible Love looks at some key moments in Jesus' life where he shows incredible love to other people. Jesus said 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind'. This love isn’t a whimsical one, it’s a deep, brave, bold love that demands every part of us to be all in!

Heart Tales: Jesus told stories to his friends to teach them how to live well and how to have a big heart for others. These stories help us too, every day. We learn from Jesus how to be thankful, persevere, forgive and be empathic to others and how God is like this with us too.

Living Wise: We can learn so much from the Bible. This series recognises the wisdom in this special book that can change every part of our lives. We end the series by remembering that the most important thing is trusting in God.

PRE-SCHOOL CONTENT: Tiny Treasure Champs

Especially designed for our youngest Champs, the Tiny Treasure Champs curriculum helps children aged 1–4 to learn about God and His values through play, craft and storytelling. It works beautifully alongside the Treasure Champs curriculum for 4-8 year olds.

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