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Ages 5-11; 5 lessons over 1 series

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Our New Wine curriculum is specially written to equip and inspire children to become confident, Spirit-filled followers of Jesus.

The New Wine Kids United 21 series has five lessons based upon the story of Moses and the overarching theme of freedom, repair, restore and rebuild. As they explore these themes, children will learn that the same God who walked with Moses walks with us today and discover that the same Spirit is always with us; leading, guiding and enabling the miraculous to point to Jesus!

What are the lessons like?

New Wine lessons comprise the following sections:

  • Get Ready – a time to welcome the children and prepare them to discover what God has to say to them. It includes a light-hearted video from Your Festival Band and a fun game to introduce the lesson’s theme.

  • Get Reading – allow children to encounter God and his story for themselves as they watch a short video retelling the lesson's key Bible story, an engaging message based on the passage, and then read and reflect on the Bible.

  • Get Real – an opportunity for children to respond to the ideas they have explored in the lesson. It contains space for them to reflect on and pray into what they have heard and apply it to themselves and their situations.

  • Bonus Material – an exciting messy game video from the team at New Wine United '21.

Content example: The New Wine Kids Bible stories are a retelling of each part of the story of Moses in rhyming verse. This video is about Moses’ rescue from the Nile (Exodus 1-2).


There is one New Wine series on the RaiseUpFaith platform, containing 5 lessons.

Rescued: This lesson looks at the story of Moses and the bullrushes found in Exodus 1 and 2, and his amazing rescue by God with the help of some courageous women. We reflect on how God rescued Moses - and how the same God who protected Moses from the waters is beside us and holds us today.

Respond: This lesson looks at the story of Moses and the burning bush, found in Exodus 3 and 4. The Spirit of God called to Moses with a special purpose, and invited him to respond to His call. In the same way, God calls to us today and asks us to respond to Him.

Reveal and Release: This lesson looks at the story of the Exodus, focussing on the crossing of the Red Sea (Exodus 14). The Spirit of God led the Israelites to freedom, releasing them from slavery in Egypt. The lesson explores God's power and faithfulness to His people - and how this powerful and faithful God is beside us and leading us today.

Restore: This lesson looks at the story of Moses and the tabernacle - how God commissioned Moses to build a place where He could dwell amongst His people. We explore how God's heart has always been to live with the people He made and loved, and how, because of Jesus, our relationship with God has been restored for all eternity.

Rebuild: This lesson looks at the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments. The lesson explores how, through the law, the Spirit of God rebuilt the way to live with each other and God - and how Jesus and the two greatest commandments teach us the way to rebuild our lives on God today.

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