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From the work of the Holy Spirit RESCUING Moses as a baby to guiding him to REBUILDING a people of God, in this series we will be discovering that God’s Spirit is always with us; leading, guiding and enabling the miraculous to point us to our incredible Lord!

Through the series this teaching is looking at the story of Moses and the overriding theme of Freedom: rescue, respond, release, restore and rebuild.

‘Now the Lord is Spirit. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom.’ 2 Corinthians 3:17

The Spirit of God working in and through Moses to bring about Freedom to the Hebrews, is the same Spirit that is alive and in us. Jesus brings Freedom and His Spirit rescues, restores, and rebuilds.

Across the five lessons we cover:-

Lesson 1: RESCUE Moses and the bulrushes – The Spirit of God was with Moses’ Mother, Sister and Pharoah’s daughter. Moses was RESCUED. Jesus was sent to RESCUE us. (Ministry focus: Asking God to rescue us – opportunity to follow Jesus)

Lesson 2: RESPOND Moses and the burning bush – The Spirit of God called to Moses as God was to RESPOND to his people. God calls to us and asks us to RESPOND to Him. (Ministry focus: Asking to respond to God. We are called by name able to ‘hear’ God’s voice in different ways. Chat and catch).

Lesson 3: RELEASE The Passover, Exodus and crossing the Red Sea. The Spirit of God was revealed and led the Hebrews to freedom. The Hebrews were RELEASED from slavery, and we are RELEASED from our sins. (Ministry focus: God frees us from our sins, we are forgiven).

Lesson 4: RESTORE Moses and the tabernacle – The Spirit of God was seen in Moses’ face. When Jesus died, the curtain tore in two, to RESTORE us to God. The Spirit of the Lord is seen in us. (Ministry focus: God’s presence is with us – soaking)

Lesson 5: REBUILD Moses and the ten commandments – The Spirit of God REBUILT the way to live with each other and God. Jesus and the two greatest commandments teach us the way to REBUILD our lives on God. (Ministry focus: we are sent out in power to live for Him – the power of the Holy Spirit).

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