God Rocks!

5-9 years - The God Rocks is an award winning animation series. This curriculum is packed with music, dance, cartoons, activities, and so much more. Elementary kids will love it!

FaceWonderborn Studios
ClockSessions from 10 to 90 minutes
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The God Rocks! is an award-winning kids animation series starring, Chip,Gem, Splint and Carb. Well known in the 1990s for their live band tours, performing to over half a million children across North America, the much-loved brand has made a come-back with new 4K digital animation and a brand new series of church curriculum.

The God Rocks! are designed to teach kids important lessons from the Biblein a fun way. The God Rocks!® cartoon characters and universe is based on Luke 19:40,

“If the people fall silent, the stones will cry out.”

Fun rock characters, including main character Chip Livingstone, live in the imaginary town of RockyRidge, where they live to sing and praise God - just in case the people fall silent!


In the God Rocks! Bible Curriculum, Chip, Gem, Splint and Carb help children aged 5-9 to encounter God and discover more about what it means to live for Him.

Through engaging animations and energetic Scripture Songs, as well as games, Bible teaching and creative activities, children will learn important Biblical lessons to develop their confidence and character in God.


There are six sessions contained in each curriculum series.
There are three God Rocks! series:

  • Mission: Awesome!

  • Island Adventure

  • Kornerstone Kingdom

Each lesson contains an outline and a script (for each part of the lesson), as well as original God Rocks! multimedia material to engage the children and enhance their learning.

The innovative media material includes:

God Rocks! Scripture Songs: Each video contains a Bible verse that encapsulates the session’s teaching, set to music and performed by the God Rocks. The interactive video leads the children in words and actions to help them to memorize the key Scripture.
God Rocks! Parable Playhouse animations: These short cartoons feature Chip, Gem, Splint and Carb as they present their own version of Jesus’ most famous parables.
God Rocks! presentation slides: which will load automatically in the RaiseUP presenter mode.
God Rocks! Bible curriculum printables: These resource sheets support the session’s teaching. They includeBible verse coloring sheets, craft templates and worksheets.

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