God Rocks! Starlight Rescue VBS

God Rocks! Starlight Rescue VBS (holiday club) gives your children aged 5-11 a week that is literally out of this world, as they discover what it means to ‘shine like stars in the sky’ for God (Philippians 2:15). This VBS has also been adapted for pre-schoolers.

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Welcome to a week of intergalactic fun with God Rocks! Starlight Rescue VBS! Join Commander Chip, Gem, Carb, and Splinter, as well as a host of their friends, as they lead you on a cosmic quest packed full of adventure and discovery.

Over the course of the week, your children will learn what it means to shine for God through our daily Star Points.

  • Day 1: God’s love shines through me

  • Day 2: God’s gift shines through me

  • Day 3: God’s forgiveness shines through me

  • Day 4: God’s strength shines through me

  • Day 5: God’s mission shines through me


Each day begins at Mission Control. Here, your Star Cadets will join the God Rocks and their friends as they embark on a mission to save Little Star, in an exciting, interactive animated God Rocks! adventure. They’ll also unpack the day’s Star Point, explore the week’s Mission Verse from Philippians 2:15 and take some time to pray and worship, before heading out to the Starlight Stations.

  • Starlight Theatre. Here, Star Cadets will discover what it means to 'shine like stars' through an engaging Bible lesson.

  • Galaxy Games. At this high-energy station, Star Cadets will enjoy a host of fun, physical games.

  • Moon Ray Music Studio. This is the place to praise! At Moon Ray Music Studio, Star Cadets will sing, dance and groove along to some super-spikin’ songs by the God Rocks!

  • Crater Crafts. This is where Star Cadets get creative, with three different daily art activities to choose from.

  • Solar Snack Shack. At this universally-popular eatery, Star Cadets can rest a while and enjoy a choice of snacks.

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