The 52 Week Curriculum Preschool

Combining series and lessons from across, the 52 week plan gives a year of lessons for preschool groups. These combine Old Testament and New Testament stories from the Bible as well as seasonal content at key points in the year.

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Introduction: We Can Be Heroes

This scope and sequence for 0-5 year olds reflects the best of Raise Up resources, tied together to create a cohesive Bible based curriculum that takes the kids on a journey of faith and discovery. We can all be heroes by following Jesus, the biggest Hero of all.

All our Early Years resource have a strong emphasis in learning through play and provide a wealth of activities and storytelling techniques to help our youngest children learn all about our Hero Jesus.

Spring 2023: Meeting Jesus The Hero

We start by looking at the Awesome Animals series Big Family. No matter how big or small we are, we are part of God’s Big Family and we are loved so much that God gave us His only son.

Learning about Jesus life and teaching is crucial for developing kids’ faith so we head to the One Story series Family looking at Jesus early life and the Bible Times series Hello Jesus!

Finally One Story have created a brilliant Easter series Alive, reminding the children that our hero Jesus is alive forever!

1st January - 29th January

Awesome Animals Big Family - 5 lessons

We are all invited into God's big family – even the littlest of us! In this series, our awesome animal friends help us to explore some big ideas found in the Bible about what it means for us to be part of God’s fantastic family.


5th February - 26th February

One Story Family - 4 lessons

In this series, children will learn that Jesus grew up, just like we do! They will start with the story of Jesus as a boy, and journey through his early ministry life. As they journey with Jesus, they will discover that Jesus grew up with friends and family, as that will be seen throughout the stories from this series.


5th March - 26th March

Bible Time Hello Jesus!- 4 lessons

This Bible Time series introduces children to stories from the life and ministry of Jesus, while encouraging them on their own journey towards the Jesus who knows and loves them today.


2nd April - 30th April

One Story Alive! - 5 lessons

After Jesus rose from the dead, he spent time visiting people and spending a little more time with his disciples. In this series, kids will hear stories of Jesus and his friends after he rose from the dead. This series is about Jesus after death, and children will be reminded that Jesus is alive forever!


Summer 2023: We Can Be Heroes

The summer season brings us to looking how we fit into this story and our response to who God is. We start with Praise Party (Little Worship Company) and then come back to Awesome Animals with the Big Adventure series that looks at what it means to live each day with our Heavenly Father who loves us. We finally bring everything back round to looking at some Faith Heroes from the Old Testament with Henry Hand Puppet.

7th May - 25th June

Little Worship Company Praise Party- 8 lessons

Everyone loves a party - and the best ones of all are praise parties! Praise Party helps children to understand what it means to praise and worship God, not only with singing, dancing and instruments, but with their hearts, feet and hands too.


2nd July - 30th July

Awesome Animals and Mini Me Big Adventure: 5 lessons

We are all invited on an awesome adventure with God! But what does that look like? In this series, our awesome animal friends help us to explore some big ideas found in the Bible about what it means to live each day with our Heavenly Father who loves us.


6th August - 27th August

Tiny Treasure Champs: Serving the King - 4 lessons

Especially designed for our youngest Champs, Serving The King is about generous, thoughtful people who loved God then served others. Faith and works together make our faith perfect!

  • 🗓 6 Aug: Serving the King: Hospitality

  • 🗓 13 Aug: Serving the King: Patience

  • 🗓 20 Aug: Serving the King: Loyalty

  • 🗓 27 Aug: Serving the King: Kindness

COMING SOON: The 2023/2024 52 Week Plan!

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