Take a look at our curriculum overviews to see age groups, series and media. You will find an introduction to all the UK and US curriculums on RaiseUP and be able to find a snapshot of the lessons available.

Little Worship Company

0-7 years - Beautiful multimedia curriculum, packed with bible stories, crafts, games, music, prayers, and so much more! Perfect for pre-school through 7yrs.

God Rocks!

5-9 years - The God Rocks is an award winning animation series. This curriculum is packed with music, dance, cartoons, activities, and so much more. Elementary kids will love it!

Treasure Champs

3-5 years - The Treasure Champs curriculum is a fun and simple way to explore the values God wants us to embody in our everyday lives. Full of beautiful, fun videos, crafts, bibles stories, and more.

LZ7 Illuminate+

Youth - The Illuminate+ is a brand new curriculum designed to take young people to the next level in their Christian faith. Illuminate+ has been designed and written for young people aged 11-18.

Big Start

5-11 years - Big Start is a curriculum series for ages 5-11 years old. Combining value-based themes with stories from the Bible, the sessions are easy to plan and great fun for children.

60 Second Bible Stories

6-10 years - the 60 SEC BIBLE TREK is a curriculum that has been written to take children through the God's big story by looking at biblical themes and characters, such as 'Rescue' and 'Prophets'.

The Parables

7-11 years - This curriculum sessions take the parables that Jesus told and provides a children's ministry lesson for each one.

Henry Hand Puppet

0-5 years - Written to accompany the Henry Hand Puppet episodes are curriculum lessons which include activities written with the preschool age range and toddler groups in mind.

New Wine

5-11 years - For 32 years New Wine has been a figurehead working to see local churches changing nations. Our New Wine curriculum content is designed to resource these churches with fun and engaging kids content

Cheeky Pandas

Exclusive to meet our Cheeky Pandas curriculum resource for 4-8 year olds, who will help each child build a beautiful life-long relationship with God… with some panda fun along the way!

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