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Need to add more resource to your Easter lessons? Try these games and group activity that are exclusively available at Children will love getting to know Bible verses and the essence of Easter. In this Easter Games and Group Activity free resource you can find an All Age Gathering that will create memories that will last a lifetime!

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Need inspiration on what do to spice up this Easter Sunday school lessons? Here are 3 exciting and fun activities, taken from Easter content exclusively available at!

1. Big Start The First Easter - The Grand Entrance

Do: A Grand Entrance


This game helps to show the children how hard it can be to wait a long time, as well as how rewarding having hope and waiting can be in the end.


  • Separate the children into two teams (with up to 5 on each team).

  • The first children from each team sit on a chair facing one another. Children look into each other's eyes.

  • The child who is still and quiet the longest wins a point for their team. Then the next pair can play, and so on.

  • The winning team receive stickers or a small prize.

  • When one team wins, question them on how it feels to have waited and then been rewarded.

*Visit Big Start for the script!

2. God Rocks! Rez, the rock that rolled - Good Friday
Rock Solid: Colourful Cross


Praise Jesus for his amazing love for us with this creative cross-themed activity.

To prepare:

Make a huge cross out of cardstock. Lay it on the tablecloth on the floor or a table.



Tissue paper

Pots of craft glue and paintbrushes

Large wipeable tablecloth

To run the activity:

  1. Give the children some sheets of tissue paper.

  2. Tear up a sheet of tissue paper. As you do so, reflect on how Jesus was broken for us. (You might like to use the words of Isaiah 53:3-5 in your reflection.)

  3. Encourage the children to tear up their own sheets of tissue paper, saying their own prayers of thanks to Jesus as they do so.

  4. Invite the children to come to the cross with their torn pieces of colored tissue paper. Ask them to stick the tissue paper pieces onto the cross until it is covered.

  5. At the end, reflect on how Jesus' sacrifice (brokenness) has made something beautiful – the chance for an amazing friendship with God.


3. RaiseUP Originals Easter All Age Gathering

Game: Memory


This is a simple way to include everyone in a fun game suitable for all ages.

Note: You will need to prepare this game before the service begins!


  • Before the service, print out the Bible verse sheets (Sign up to RaiseUPfaith or make your own one!). Hide each A4 sheet around the church, under people’s chairs.

  • This game is about learning a Bible verse that will be a helpful introduction into the rest of the service.

  • Hopefully, twelve people will join you at the front with the words you have hidden before the service. Have fun reading the Bible verse together. (For example - you could choose to do this in different accents, at different tempos or at different volumes.)

  • One by one, eliminate the words by asking people to sit down according to their height.


These games and activities are part of the Easter series available exclusively on RaiseUPfaith - try it now!

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