Palm Sunday Crafts

Need to add more resource in preparation for your Palm Sunday lesson? Try these crafts that are exclusively available at Children will love getting to know Bible verses and the essence of Easter.

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1. Little Worship Company - Happy Easter!

Get Crafty: Palm leaf prints


Use this craft to help children recall the Palm Sunday story and the celebration when Jesus entered Jerusalem. It can be used with any age group.


Paint trays

Palm leaf print resource sheet

Cardstock to create origami leaves

Green paint

Tape/rubber bands

Before you start:

  • Prepare the origami leaves using card before the craft activity.

  • Create a concertina fold starting from one side of an A4 sheet of card.

  • Use two rubber bands or some tape to gather together one end of the leaf shape.

  • Use scissors to shape the end that is not gathered to make it look like a leaf.

  • To make the printing more interesting, use different shades of green paint and different sizes of origami leaves.

To make the prints:

  1. Print and copy the palm leaf print resource sheet so there is one for each child (visit Little Worship Company at

  2. Show the children how they can place an origami leaf in a paint tray and then print the pattern by pressing it onto their poster several times.


2. God Rocks! Rez, the Rock that Rolled - Palm Sunday

Rock Solid: Crown Cookies


Remember how Jesus came to be our king with these fantastic crown cookies!

Please be aware of any food allergies before running this with your group.


Cookie dough

Boiled candies

Raisins or sultanas

Coconut flakes

Age-appropriate knives

Rolling pins

Flour (for dusting the surface)

Baking trays

Paper plates and bags to take the cookies home

Baking paper



To make your cookies:

  1. Wash your hands before you begin!

  2. Roll out your ready-made cookie dough onto a square of baking paper.

  3. Using a knife (appropriate for your age group), cut the dough into a large crown shape.

  4. Make 'jewels' in your crown by making holes in your dough and filling them with a boiled candy.

  5. Either bake at church, or take it home to bake, according to the instructions on the cookie dough packet. Make sure you leave time for the cookies to cool before you eat them.

  6. Top tip:Β If you have time in your lesson, you might like to continue decorating your cooled crown cookies with icing and other ingredients. (See 'Materials' for ingredient ideas.)


3. RaiseUP Originals Easter All Age Gathering

Response introduction: Twig cross


This is a practical response activity to accompany the song β€˜What a Beautiful Name’ from the Little Worship Company.


Twigs -2 each

20cm length of string - 1 each

Bible verse tag- 1 each


  • Play the music video, β€˜What a Beautiful Name’.

  • As the music plays, invite everyone to respond to Jesus’ call to follow him.

  • Provide people with a large pile of twigs, and some string.

  • Hand bowls of tags from the tag template around the church, so everyone can have one.

  • Encourage people to take two twigs and, using the thread, to tie them together into a cross shape.

  • Finally, thread the Bible verse tag into the thread.

*Visit RaiseUP Originals All Age Gathering - Easter


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