March RaiseUP RoundUP: Lectionary Edition!

Many of you may follow the lectionary as you journey through the Bible in your church community. For those who haven’t come across this before, this is a cycle of three years (A, B and C) which some denominations use to plan their pattern of bible readings and talks.

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We have heard that some of our users also follow this pattern in their children’s ministry so here is a summary of our RaiseUP content for March 2022 where it matches the lectionary passages this month.

Revised Common Lectionary:

March 06: Luke 4:1-13 Big Start: Lent (Elementary/Primary)

  • One Story Son of God Jr High: Sinless 4/5 (Youth).

Take a fresh look at Lent with these lessons from Big Start and One Story.

March 13: Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18 and Luke 13:31-35 OR Luke 9:28-36, (37-43a)

  • Henry Hand Puppet: Abraham (Preschool/Early Years)

  • 60 Second Bible Story: The Transfiguration (Elementary/Primary)

These Taylormation animations and lesson ideas will help your youngest children to explore the story of Abraham and your elementary/primary children to find out what the Transfiguration is.

March 20: Isaiah 55:1-9 and 1 Corinthians 10:1-13

  • Little Worship Company: Blessed Be Your Name (worship based on Isaiah) (Preschool/Early Years)

  • Application Activity - Son of God 4/5: Sinless (Youth)

The worship videos from the Little Worship Company are both joyful and worshipful. The video for Blessed Be Your Name thematically links to Isaiah 55.

For youth groups, you can dig into 1 Corinthians 10 through this Application Activity from the One Story team.

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March 27: Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32

  • God Rocks! Animation: The Prodigal Pizza Boy (Elementary/Primary)

  • Little Worship Times: The big, BIG love of God (Preschool/Early Years)

  • Big Start: The Lost Son lesson and the song ‘Lost and Found’ (Elementary/Primary)

Parables about ‘lost’ things are very relatable for us all – this is no different for the children in your church community! The God Rocks! animation You can always come back focuses on the story of the Lost Son. If you are looking for a children’s talk for your service, then take a look at the Little Worship Times and specifically The big, BIG love of God. Everyone will enjoy the catchy song from Big Start called ‘Lost and Found’ which fits in perfectly with the passage from Luke.

Passages from the Church of England Lectionary

These may be the same as the RCL but occasionally have different passages and also have passages for extra services. Here are March’s additional passages and second service passages with RaiseUP material.

March 06: 2nd service: Jonah 3; Luke 18:9-14

  • Treasure Champs: Obedience (Elementary/Primary)

  • 60 Sec Bible Trek: Jonah (Elementary/Primary)

  • Big Start: Something Fishy series (Elementary/Primary)

  • Henry Hand Puppet: Jonah episode (Preschool/Early Years)

  • Big Start: Two Prayers Dig Deeper (Elementary/Primary)

We have several lessons which look at the story of Jonah. The Treasure Champs lesson on Obedience specifically looks at the story of Jonah. In the 60 Sec Bible Trek ‘People’ series, you’ll find a 60 second animation of the story of Jonah (from our partner Taylormation) as well as a full lesson with accompanying activities.

If you are looking to spend more time on Jonah, take a look at the Big Start series on Jonah called ‘Something Fishy’. This will provide content for three lessons.

For younger children, the preschool series Henry Hand Puppet also offers a Jonah episode.

You can use the Big Start ‘Two Prayers’ activity to help your group to reflect on the passage from Luke 18.

March 27: 2nd service: Isaiah 40:27-41:13

  • God Rocks Dance Craze: Do Not Fear (Elementary/Primary)

  • God Rocks! Activity from the Mission Awesome series: The Gauntlet of Grace (Elementary/Primary)

Both of these God Rocks elements are based on Isaiah 41. Use the God Rocks! Dance Craze song to memorise a verse together and ‘The Gauntlet of Grace’ activity to be creative whilst you reflect on the themes of Isaiah 41

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