Leader's Devotional #1: Creator God

Before you lead with your team, take a few moments to think and pray on the God who made it all.

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This, the first in a series of 6 RaiseUP devotions, can be shared amongst team and used individually ahead of the children’s meeting – for example, at home in the week before church. Alternatively, they could be used as a team devotion and a focus for prayer shortly before the children arrive for the session.

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Who are you?

[For team reflection] In twos or threes, talk about the different titles you hold and roles you occupy in different contexts – e.g. as a parent, friend, work colleague, etc.

We all hold different identities, depending on where we are at any given time. In our homes we might be a spouse, a parent, a son or a daughter. At work, we are what we do: teacher, manager, server, doctor.

The good news of the gospel is that we have an identity that’s greater and more wonderful than all of these. Each one of us is a child of God, known and loved by our Heavenly Father.


‘See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!’ - 1 John 3:1


There are many titles used for God. He is the Creator, the Maker of heaven and earth. He is the Almighty One, God Most High. He’s our Provider. He’s the Righteous One.

But when Jesus’ disciples wanted to know how they should pray, Jesus told them to address God as ‘our Father.’ Throughout the gospels, ‘Father’ is the number one title that Jesus chooses for God: not just for his own personal use as God’s son, but for all of us. He wanted his followers to understand that God is not a distant deity, demanding dutiful worship. Above all, He’s our loving Father who invites us into close relationship with Him.

It’s been two thousand years since Jesus taught these words to his followers on earth. In that time, we’ve grown familiar with the idea of ‘God the Father.’ But how often do we really slow down and think about what it means?

Picture for a moment a parent with their young child. The delight on their face as they hold them. The words of encouragement and love they shower on them. The sacrifices, big and small, that they’re happy to make for them. The way they clean them up and wipe their tears away.

The staggering truth is this: the great God of the universe knows us – every part of us. And He loves us unconditionally. He keeps us each day. As a Father cherishes His children and tends their needs, so God cares for us. He delights in us – yes, even us, with all our weaknesses and failings.

The Bible teaches that we matter to God – that He calls us His own. There is a sense of wonder in John’s words that ‘we should be called children of God.’ May we never lose the wonder either.


  • Take some time simply to be with your Father God. It might be through singing worship songs, in silence or in taking a walk in His creation – whatever way you connect best with God.

  • Pray for the children in your group. Name each one. Pray that they will know how precious they are to God in this coming session.


Dear Father God,

Thank you that You love us. Thank you that You have welcomed us into Your family as Your precious children and for all that this means for us each day.

Help us to never lose the wonder of being Your child.


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