April RaiseUP RoundUP: Lectionary edition!

Many of you may follow the lectionary as you journey through the Bible in your church community. For those who haven’t come across this before, this is a cycle of three years (A, B and C) which some denominations use to plan their pattern of bible readings and talks.

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We have heard that some of our users also follow this pattern in their children’s ministry so here is a summary of our RaiseUP content for April 2022 where it matches the lectionary passages this month.

Revised Common Lectionary:

April 03: Isaiah 43:16-21; Psalm 126; Philippians 3:4b-14; John 12:1-8

Little Worship Company: Praise Party: 2. Praise God with happy songs (Preschool/Early Years)

New Wine Kids: United Breaks Out - Moses (Elementary/Primary)

Big Start: Friends of Jesus: The Alabaster Jar (Elementary/Primary)

Have a praise party, Little Worship Company style, with your youngest children or give your older children an essential grounding in the story of Moses with The New Wine Kids curriculum. The Big Start lesson explores the value of friendship through the parallel passage to John 12:1-18, found in Luke 7:36-39.

April 10: Luke 22:14–23:56

Little Worship Company: Happy Easter! (Preschool/Early Years)

God Rocks! Rez: The Rock That Rolled (Elementary/Primary)

Big Start: Friend ‘til the End (Elementary/Primary)

Kick off your Easter content this Palm Sunday with these 3 great series which include age-appropriate games, craft and animation.

April 17: Psalm 118:1–2, 14–24; John 20:1–18 or Luke 24:1–12

Little Worship Company: What a Beautiful Name (Preschool/Early Years)

Little Worship Company: Happy Easter! Celebrate Jesus! (Preschool/Early Years)

Big Start: The First Easter: The Empty Tomb and the song ‘Roll the Stone’ (Elementary/Primary)

Celebrate Easter Sunday with the joyful worship video for What a Beautiful Name, which thematically links to Psalm 118. In addition, the final lesson in the Little Worship Company’s Happy Easter! Series will help your youngest children to understand the significance of Easter Sunday.

For older children, the Big Start lesson includes a fun, interactive retelling of the story of the empty tomb. Everyone will enjoy singing along to the upbeat tune of ‘Roll the Stone’

April 24: Psalm 118:14–19 or Psalm 150; John 20:19–31

Little Worship Company: Shake-a-hallelujah (Preschool/Early Years)

Big Start: Friend ‘til the End: Doubting Thomas (Elementary/Primary)

Based on Psalm 150, the video for Shake-a-hallelujah includes beautifully presented images of children creating instruments to praise God.

The story of Doubting Thomas is the focus of this Big Start lesson which encourages older children to think about the basis of their faith.

Passages from the Church of England Lectionary

These may be the same as the RCL but occasionally have different passages and also have passages for extra services. Here are April’s additional passages and second service passages with RaiseUP material.

April 03: 2nd service: 2 Chronicles 35:1–6, 10–16; Luke 22:1–13

LZ7: Illuminate+: God Encounters: Moses (Youth 11-14)

Big Start: Friend ‘til the End: Judas’ Betrayal (Elementary/Primary)

Introduce your young people to the person of Moses, explain his incredible encounter with God and help them to understand the significance of the law of Moses with LZ7: Illuminate+.

For kids aged 5-11, this Big Start session explains the pivotal moment which ultimately leads to the Easter story, focusing on the key value of loyalty

April 10: Additional: Luke 19:28–40; Luke 23:1–49

Big Start: The First Easter: A Grand Entrance (Elementary/Primary)

Big Start: Peer Pressure: Standing Firm (Elementary/Primary)

The Big Start series are brilliant for helping children to apply what they read in the Bible to their own lives. ‘Peer Pressure: Standing Firm’ works well as a stand-alone lesson, using the example of Pilate being swayed by the crowd to condemn Jesus to highlight the importance of standing firm for what you believe in, even if someone else is telling you to do something different.

April 17: Additional: Exodus 14:10–end; Exodus 15:20-21 2nd Service: Romans 6:3–11; Luke 24:1–12

Treasure Champs: Big Heart: Adventurousness (Pre-school/Early Years)

60 Sec Bible Trek: Rescue: Moses (Elementary/Primary)

60 Second Bible Story: Moses (Elementary/Primary)

Encourage your youngest children to explore their adventurous side, and learn about Moses’ big adventure through the desert, with the delightful Treasure Champs.

For older children, the 60 Sec Bible Trek offers a full lesson, complete with games and quizzes, to help them discover the story of Moses and apply what they learn to their own lives. If time is short, the 60 Second Bible Story from Taylormation is the perfect solution, telling the complete story of Moses (plagues and all) in just one minute!

April 24: 2nd service: Isaiah 52:13–53:12; Luke 24:13–35

Treasure Champs: Strong Hands! (Pre-school/Early Years)

God Rocks! Cartoon: Kitney vs Mini-bot (Elementary/Primary)

God Rocks! Song: Serve Wholeheartedly (Elementary/Primary)

God Rocks! Dance Craze: God So Loved the World (Elementary/Primary)

LZ7 Illuminate+: Jesus Encounters: Peter [RESTORED] (Youth 11-14)

Explore the theme of service using fantastic animations from the Treasure Champs and the God Rocks!

‘Strong Hands!’ is a 5-part series all about how we can serve God and each other in different ways. Packed with games, craft and colourful characters, it’s perfect for younger children.

As part of an all-age gathering, why not include The God Rocks video ‘Kitney vs Mini-bot’? It is sure to delight everyone as we learn that we are called to use our gifts to serve each other. You could also include the God Rocks! Song, Serve Wholeheartedly, or even the God Rocks! Dance Craze: God So Loved the World video, centred around the verse which reminds us of the reason for the cross.

If your young people are asking what happened after the resurrection, take a look at LZ7 Illuminate+: Jesus Encounters. Lesson 6 looks at the moment when Jesus appeared to Peter and reinforces the wonderful truth that God is with us, ‘for’ us and wants a relationship with us.

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