10 Best Easter Crafts for Kids

As Easter approaches, you may be searching for enjoyable Easter craft activities for kids to help them engage with the wonder of resurrection Sunday. Traditional fun easter activities could include, colouring Key Verse Pages, painting Easter Eggs, and crafting an Easter planter, but there are so many more!

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As Easter approaches, you may be searching for enjoyable Easter craft activities for kids to help them engage with the wonder of resurrection Sunday. Traditional fun easter activities could include, colouring Key Verse Pages, painting Easter Eggs, and crafting an Easter planter, but there are so many more!

To help you to fire your kids' imagination RaiseUpFaith.com has compiled ten simple and easy Easter Craft Ideas that kids will love!

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1 - Easter All Age: Praise Ribbons

Celebrate Easter with your church by making this cute easter craft together.

Give it to adults and children to wave during worship songs, praising God with the Praise Ribbon!

How to make your Praise Ribbon:

1. Cut 8-10 lengths of colourful ribbon (approximately 40cm long).

2.Top Tip: If you cut the ends of the ribbon diagonally it won’t fray.

3. Lay your 15cm piece of tape facing sticky side up. Line all the ribbons together, find the middle and lay them across the end of the tape.

4. Lay your dowel over the top of the ribbons with the end in line with the edge of the tape.

5. Carefully wrap your tape once around the end of the dowel.

6. Then, flip up the bottom half of the ribbons (the side that is laying against the dowel).

7. Now carry on winding your tape around the ribbon and the dowel.

8. Your praise ribbon is now ready to be used! Enjoy!

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2 - Easter Special: Rez, the Rock that Rolled - Easter Planter

Jesus’ death on the cross brings us new life with this Easter plant. Decorate a flowerpot or Easter basket to create a craft for kids that reminds them of Jesus' sacrifice.

How to make your planter:

1. Take a flowerpot and decorate it. Include a Bible verse in your decorations which points towards Jesus’ loving sacrifice for us, such as John 3:16.

2. When you have finished decorating your pot, fill it with potting compost.

3. Plant two or three bulbs in the compost by pushing the bulbs a few centimeters under the soil.

4. Take two sticks – one longer than the other. Bind them together using twine or string to make a cross and put it into your flowerpot.

5. Take your planter home, put it in a sunny spot and keep it watered. As you watch the flowers grow, remember how Jesus’ death gives us life.

3 - One Story Early Years: Alive - Key Verse Colouring Page

Help kids of all ages remember Revelation 1:18, stating that Jesus is alive forever, with this Colouring Page.


1. Print the Key Verse colouring page in black and white on 8.5x11 card stock.

2. At the end of the lesson, give everyone a colouring page for the series if they have not already had one.

4 - Big Start: Friend 'Till the End - Takeaway

This challenge will leave your kids understanding that Jesus will always stick with you!


1. Next time you use some sticky tac, sticky tape, or glue, think about your own stick-ability as a friend. Remember again that Jesus will always stick with you.

2. Judas came unstuck, ask God’s Holy Spirit to help you stick at it with Jesus.

5 - Happy Easter: Jesus, our Saviour - Craft Heart Tags

Show God’s great love for us all through creative and fun Easter crafts for kids, using paint, hearts and imagination.

Before you start:

1. Prepare a heart stencil by cutting a heart shape out of strong cardstock. (Make sure the heart is a little smaller than your tags.)

2. Prepare your wooden die cut heart shapes or heart stickers by writing the verse John 3:16 on each of them.

To make the tags:

1. Add paint to a paint tray and have sponges or sponge paint dabbers available for the children to use.

2. Show the children how to place a stencil onto their card and dab it with paint using a sponge. Ask the children to do this.

3. Peel away the stencil to leave the heart print.

4. Use pva glue to stick the verse heart shape onto the tag as well OR peel a verse sticker and stick this onto the tag.

5. For added impact you could secure a branch to make an indoor ‘tree’ and tie the tags to the branches to display them for the rest of the session. (If you do this, make sure the branch is strongly weighed down so that it won’t fall and be a hazard in your space.)

6 - Happy Easter: Jesus, our Saviour - A Special Cross

This perfect easter craft will help children recall that the cross is a symbol of god’s great love for us. This will be a special way to remember this love.

Before you start:

1. Gather a selection of wool, ribbon and trimmings – this is a great opportunity to ask your church community for leftover materials that you can reuse in a creative way.

2. Prepare the wool, ribbon and trimmings by cutting lengths of about 50cm.

3. Gather a selection of sticks. Make sure the sticks don’t have splintered parts or ends – you could sand the ends to make them extra smooth.

To make the crosses:

1. Ask the children to choose two sticks.

2. Use a rubber band to join these together in a cross shape. (This is a task for adult helpers.)

3. Encourage the children to choose two or three pieces of ribbon, wool or trimmings.

4. Tie these together to make one length. (This is a task for adult helpers.)

5. Tie the end of the ribbon/wool/trimmings to the child’s cross and show them how to wrap it around again and again to make their own unique pattern. (This is a task for adult helpers.)

6. If the children run out of ribbon/wool/trimmings, they can choose another piece. An adult can tie this on the end.

7. Optional: You could add a tag with the words ‘Thank you Jesus’ to each cross.

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7 - One Story Early Years: Alive - Puzzle

Gather your kids, put the puzzle together, and watch them have fun trying to finish the Revelation 1:18 puzzle.

Before the activity

1. Print ‘Key Verse Sign’

2. Use wall-safe tape to hang the Key Verse sign where everyone can see it.

3. Print ‘Key Verse Puzzle’ on card stock in colour.

4. Mix up the puzzle piece and place In the middle of the circle.

Leader tip

  • This activity could also be done individually during free play.


1. Gather everyone to sit in a circle on the floor.

2. Place the mixed-up puzzle pieces in the middle of the circle.

3. Direct one child at a time to put together two pieces of the puzzle. Help them as needed.

4. When the puzzle is complete, lead the group to say Revelation 1:18 out loud.

8 - Easter Special: Rez, the Rock that Rolled - Easter Rock Art

You might know the Easter Bunny and Easter Chick but have you heard about the rock that rolled on Easter morning? This unique story will help kids see different pov of the Easter Season.

To make your rock art:

1. Take a rock.

2. Write the words ‘He has risen!’ on the rock.

3. Decorate to finish.

4. Top tip: Why not hide your rocks around the neighborhood for others to find and hear the good news!

9 - Easter Special: Rez, the Rock that Rolled - Crown Cookies

Grab your aprons and lets bake! Jesus came to be our king and using these fantastic crown cookies we can be reminded of this.

Whilst you’ve got your baking hats on why not try bunny ears!

To make your cookies:

1. Wash your hands before you begin!

2. Roll out your ready-made cookie dough onto a square of baking paper.

3. Using a knife (appropriate for your age group), cut the dough into a large crown shape.

4. Make 'jewels' in your crown by making holes in your dough and filling them with a boiled candy.

5. Either bake at church, or take it home to bake, according to the instructions on the cookie dough packet. Make sure you leave time for the cookies to cool before you eat them.

6. Top tip: If you have time in your lesson, you might like to continue decorating your cooled crown cookies with icing and other ingredients. (See 'Materials' for ingredient ideas.)

10 - The First Easter: A Grand Entrance

No matter how young or old, teach kids that patience pays off and that hope is worth the wait.


1. Separate the children into two teams (with up to 5 on each team).

2. The first children from each team sit on a chair facing one another. Children look into each other's eyes.

3. The child who is still and quiet the longest wins a point for their team. Then the next pair can play, and so on.

4. The winning team receive stickers or a small prize.

5. When one team wins, question them on how it feels to have waited and then been rewarded.

We hope your kids have fun with these Easter craft ideas. We understand how important this season is for Children's Ministry Leaders.

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Happy Crafting and Happy Easter!

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