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12 Bible Verses For Kids

We’ve compiled some of our favourite Bible verses about children and what they mean to us at RaiseUP.

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9 Tips For Building Children's Ministry Volunteer Teams

There is one universal issue that all churches face: How do we find, grow and cultivate a team of volunteers who can lead effective Children’s Ministry?

Junk Media & Your Kids Digital Diet

It is not just the food our kids eat that effects their health; it is also the content they consume. As parents and kids’ workers, knowing your cyber super-foods from your streaming string cheese is key to effectively communicating the gospel in the digital age.

How to: Encourage discussion with Young People

Three top tools for encouraging discussion and engagement with young people

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Encouraging Encounter with God Through Children’s Ministry

Ever heard an adult say to a child, 'You’re too young to really follow Jesus – wait till you’re older'? Or perhaps you heard something similar growing up? NEWSFLASH: Children CAN encounter God! We wholeheartedly believe this.

Communicating with God's littlest children: Sharing God's big story with our churches children's groups

Sharing a message can be a bit nerve-racking at the best of times. But sharing it to a roomful of four-year-olds? That’s in a whole other league!

Leader's Devotional #6: Loving God

A short adult devotional to help you and your team get ready to lead.

Leader's Devotional #5: All Knowing God

This short devotional will help you and your team get ready to lead - this time focussing on knowing that God is all knowing

Leader's Devotional #4: Provider God

Take 15 minutes with your team to prepare to leader by considering how God is our provider

Leader's Devotional #3: Kind God

This devotional will help you and your team prepare to lead by considering God's kindness.

Leader's Devotional #2: Saving God

Take a few minutes with your team to remember that our God saves, and that Jesus is good.

Leader's Devotional #1: Creator God

Before you lead with your team, take a few moments to think and pray on the God who made it all.

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