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What is Love?

Love builds character. In fact, love only builds. Whether in the throes of the lows or stormy seas, loving well and being loved through it builds strength and resilience. It builds faith and hope, and feeds joy. Love matters because presence matters. And in all the spaces in between, love leads and carries and holds your hand. Because Love has come. And it is for you.

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Hope Has A Name

Hope has a name, and as followers of Jesus, we know it to be His. But in a recent deep dive into the book of Hebrews, I found that Hope is not only rightly named, it is so clearly defined that to miss it would be, well, hopeless.

Wells, Fences and The Jesus Water

If you’re involved in kids ministry, I hope that the main reason you got involved is because, at some point in your life, you were shown the Jesus well. You tasted it for yourself, and you saw that it was good. Do we trust our young people to recognise the well? Do we trust Jesus to be life-giving enough?

Defining Identity

To dive deeper into this conversation, and unpack some of the tough questions with Christie, we invite you to watch her recent interview with Keith Ferrin, story teller, author, and speaker, and friend of the KidMin community.

Where Sunday School Failed Me

God wants us to be good little girls and boys. That’s what I thought. And though it might have been there in the subtext, what wasn’t actually said was: “because Jesus…” Jesus loves us so incredibly deeply, he wants us to follow him and his way, and he wants the very best for us. That’s what’ll make it good.

Leading Up: Come with Solutions, Not Problems

Overwhelm with excellence by approaching your leaders with proposals, not with problems.

A Walk to Remember

Friend, we know you well enough to let you know that the seeds you are scattering are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, imagination, unity, grace... Come on a walk with me along Scottish Borders as we consider what it means to pay attention to the ground beneath our feet as we till the soil.

We Rode an Elephant

When we swim in the waters of children's ministry for long enough, it can seem like we need to get bigger and better with every season. More glitz, more glam. But at the end of the day, children will want to be in our ministries for two large reasons: our willingness to be present with them and our willingness to show them Jesus.

Generosity and Gratitude

Hey Leader! We see you!! We see you getting ready on Sundays and every day in between. We see the planning and preparation that goes into Christmas that likely started weeks ago. We see you loving those kids, embracing their grownups, and walking with families, as family.

Centering like Jesus

Children centered on Jesus when He showed up because He centered on them. When we center on others and draw them into His light, they will center on Him. And when we center on children, we look like Jesus.

Knowing who I am because of who He is

The gift within God’s plan to redeem His kids back to Himself, the Church–the body of Christ–is that we get glimpses of what God is like by showing up for each other, looking like Jesus. Through Jesus, God’s own image knit into us is put on full display for the world to know Him.

Defining Jesus-Centered

As the team at RaiseUpFaith prepares to attend MegaCon, a Kids Ministry conference in Nashville this October, we are focusing on their theme, Jesus Period. Not Jesus and, or Jesus but; Jesus period. This idea has a way of refining how we think about what we do, and centering us on our why: Jesus. Jesus is our what, our why, our who, and He knows our how and our when.

How a Simple Search Will Help You Find Time

This article follows the journey we have been on together, leading up to fall, to get back into healthy rhythms. From Sabbath to seasonal planning, this practical piece will help you fill your toolbox on RaiseUpFaith while building time back into your week!

New Rhythms, Healthy Margins and Pie

For so many of us, new rhythms begin in the fall. It is an opportunity to make some decisions about what gets added to the calendar, and maybe also what doesn’t. As our lives fill up with the possibility of events, midweek programs, and the many activities our personal lives include, it can be difficult to discern how to make it all fit (and if it all should).

The Rhythms of Sabbath

There are so many demands pulling at our days as we head back to school, back into schedules (and managing schedules for our kids), back into the rhythms of routine. And there is only one habit that can bring order to my chaos in the changing winds of a season without exception: observing Sabbath.

Meet the Newest Team Members

RaiseUpFaith has crossed the pond, and is ecstatic to introduce its newest team members! With the addition of the full OneStory curriculum to the platform, we are also adding to the family to serve the RaiseUpFaith community better. Please help us welcome Christie, Natalie, and Christine!

BIG One Story news!

One small step for RaiseUpFaith. One giant story for humankind!

Statement of Faith

Take A Tour

To help you get the most out of RaiseUPfaith we've put together this handy 'how to use RaiseUP lesson'.

The Easter Games

Need to add more resource to your Easter lessons? Try these games and group activity that are exclusively available at Children will love getting to know Bible verses and the essence of Easter. In this Easter Games and Group Activity free resource you can find an All Age Gathering that will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Palm Sunday Crafts

Need to add more resource in preparation for your Palm Sunday lesson? Try these crafts that are exclusively available at Children will love getting to know Bible verses and the essence of Easter.

April RaiseUP RoundUP: Lectionary edition!

Many of you may follow the lectionary as you journey through the Bible in your church community. For those who haven’t come across this before, this is a cycle of three years (A, B and C) which some denominations use to plan their pattern of bible readings and talks.

30 Short Bible Verses for kids to memorize

Here at RaiseUPfaith we believe in giving kids the things they will need to help them navigate through life. One tool which is really powerful is learning key Bible verses about God’s promises for them, for their family, church and the wider world.

The Future of Church? It’s Peachy!

It is no secret that the number of children and young people attending church is declining rapidly. How can we effectively grow our children’s and youth work? Let's find out!

March RaiseUP RoundUP: Lectionary Edition!

Many of you may follow the lectionary as you journey through the Bible in your church community. For those who haven’t come across this before, this is a cycle of three years (A, B and C) which some denominations use to plan their pattern of bible readings and talks.

15 Prayer Ideas For Pastors and Parents

Can we help you pray? Through this article we share with you some fun and lovely prayer ideas that you can do with your family!

How to engage Children and Families in Lent

This article suggests 10 fun, creative ways for families and children to engage in a dynamic spiritual journey leading up to Easter.

Teaching Children to Pray

This article suggests ways we can all journey towards a vibrant prayer life that combines talking and listening to Almighty God.

12 Bible Verses For Kids

We’ve compiled some of our favourite Bible verses about children and what they mean to us at RaiseUP.

9 Tips For Building Children's Ministry Volunteer Teams

There is one universal issue that all churches face: How do we find, grow and cultivate a team of volunteers who can lead effective Children’s Ministry?

Junk Media & Your Kids Digital Diet

It is not just the food our kids eat that effects their health; it is also the content they consume. As parents and kids’ workers, knowing your cyber super-foods from your streaming string cheese is key to effectively communicating the gospel in the digital age.

How to: Encourage discussion with Young People

Three top tools for encouraging discussion and engagement with young people

Encouraging Encounter with God Through Children’s Ministry

Ever heard an adult say to a child, 'You’re too young to really follow Jesus – wait till you’re older'? Or perhaps you heard something similar growing up? NEWSFLASH: Children CAN encounter God! We wholeheartedly believe this.

Communicating with God's littlest children: Sharing God's big story with our churches children's groups

Sharing a message can be a bit nerve-racking at the best of times. But sharing it to a roomful of four-year-olds? That’s in a whole other league!

Leader's Devotional #6: Loving God

A short adult devotional to help you and your team get ready to lead.

Leader's Devotional #5: All Knowing God

This short devotional will help you and your team get ready to lead - this time focussing on knowing that God is all knowing

Leader's Devotional #4: Provider God

Take 15 minutes with your team to prepare to leader by considering how God is our provider

Leader's Devotional #3: Kind God

This devotional will help you and your team prepare to lead by considering God's kindness.

Leader's Devotional #2: Saving God

Take a few minutes with your team to remember that our God saves, and that Jesus is good.

Leader's Devotional #1: Creator God

Before you lead with your team, take a few moments to think and pray on the God who made it all.